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    All was well until I added some photos and a few videos from my Centro. Then the Pre became a paper weight. It will only reboot over and over again with 'palm' lit up on the screen. I have tried everything and talked with techs. So far nothing has worked. It will load briefly (30sec max) and reboot. I cannot do anything during this time. It says i have to many cards open.
    I have tried all resets soft and hard I even took out the battery (per Sprint techs advice)
    Any ideas????
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    Take it back to the store and get a new one, it's still under the 30 days warranty, they gotta replace it.
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    That's the only advice the Sprint Tech. could give me... said she was baffled.
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    take out the battery for 10 seconds and put it back.
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    I've done that already. Three times. The first time for 30 seconds. Then for ten minutes. Then lastly for a few hours. NADA!!!
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    then exchange it
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    Do you think it's worth getting again? Do you have one?

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