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    I'm a frequent podcast listener. A feature I really appreciate, and one that I grew to love on my Treo with PocketTunes was the ability to change out the skin for one that let me skip ahead 5, 10, 30 seconds with a single tap.

    I've now been using an iPod Touch for a while (stopped using PocketTunes as a result), and the Touch lacks this kind of skip feature. I really miss it. Instead, you have to either fast-forward, or try dragging the slider, which is very imprecise. I tend to overshoot, and it just wastes time. Annoyance.

    I have heard that the new iPhone 3.0 OS will have an improved "scrubbing" (an audio term) feature for precise skipping/fast-forwarding/rewinding. That sounds like a nice improvement.

    I haven't heard anyone talk much about the media player in the Pre. Could one of you new owners weigh in on whether the Pre has any skip or scrub features please? Also, I'd be interested to hear in general how the Pre is as a podcast listening device. Is there any podcast catcher app yet? Can the device download/subscribe to podcasts as-is? I know that it can sync to iTunes, which would be one way to get podcasts onto it. Or you could just copy them from a computer using any sync tool (like SyncToy). But I would LOVE to get iTunes out of the loop and just have my phone automatically download my podcasts without having to connect it to a computer.

    I bought and have used the excellent "RssPlayer" app on my iPod Touch, the author almerica really did a nice job. However, this app suffers on the iPhone/Touch in that files downloaded cannot be played using the built-in media player due to the way Apple partitioned the device's storage. Very lame. I hope once the Pre SDK gets released and the apps start flowing, we get a great app like RssPlayer on the Pre.

    Any info appreciated. Thanks!
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    No scrub features yet and it kinda stinks. I just synced over a few podcasts via Winamp and they play fine otherwise.

    I'm hoping for a 3rd party podcatching/playback app soon.
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    Bummer, that's disappointing. How is the built-in fast-forward/rewind? What means are provided to move forward/back within a given track?
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    There are scrub features IF you click a mp3 link in the browser and it streams. Strange why this is different than the regular music player. It gets the job done, but I really want something much better for podcasts.
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    For podcast playback, the Pre's music player is horrible. The main reason is because it can't bookmark your spot - so if you're 40 minutes into an hour long podcast and you accidentally skip to the next track, or if you close the music player, etc, etc, the next time you try to play that file it starts at the beginning.

    Also, the rewind and fast-forward buttons are a little sluggish and imprecise. (which makes trying to fast-forward 40 minutes to find your spot in the audio stream that much more annoying)

    Hopefully they will make improvements soon.
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    I too am a podcast junkie. The Pre has great audio quality, but the player definitely has it's shortcomings as previously noted. Specifically the bookmarking and FFW an RWD functions are less than adequate. But being able to sync content with iTunes is a major plus for me since that's where I manage all of my podcasts.

    The video player is a bit of a bummer since it only recognizes the m4v format. I have a crap ton of avi movies that I really don't want to convert, but I guess I will if forced to do so. At least Handbrake has a default format setting for Ipod Touch and iPhone which seems to work perfectly.

    All in all, I'm pretty impressed, expecially coming from a WinMo device. This is the first phone I've actually been excited about in a few years!

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