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    so i wanted to put my pictures from my centro onto my pre.. welllll, i linked it to the computer with the USB, opened the Pre's DCIM folder, and just pasted the stuff from my Centro's DCIM folder into it.


    now my Pre is in a state of critical memory, telling me to clear cards out. well i have no cards open, but its aparently using up all its memory having those pics copied onto it. ive done a soft reset by holding the power button and flipping the sound switch a few times. it resets, (which takes forever!) and then goes repeats itself. when the usb is plugged in, it opens the screen on the phone where it asks to media sync, usb, or just charge, but by that point its too bogged down! i need help!
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    ok i finally got it to open on the computer long enough for me to delete the folder, hopefully this works and goes back to normal

    YES. its back. i wonder what happened, i really didnt have many pictures, it was only 35mb of stuff!
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    From the "Locked Up" thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by irateb View Post
    I think I figured out the bug. If you upload pictures while the Photos app is up, the lockup occurs.
    Is your Photo app open when you're doing this?

    In fact, try closing ALL of your other cards before connecting it to the PC.
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    This also happened to me when I copied my 600mb pic folder over to my Pre. I get the "critical memory" error message whenever I open the picture app now. Sucks!
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    This happened to me yesterday with mine & my wife's Pres. We couldn't recover them or get them to connect to the computer again, Sprint wants to replace them. There doesn't seem to be a way to hard reset without the OS functioning in some fashion. And we have to wait for a shipment to arrive at the store to get new ones. I'm glad you were able to get yours back running but this seems like a dangerous flaw! Palm needs to address it immediately!
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    There was another thread with a similar problem. They finally figured out that one of the picture files was slightly corrupt, and the Pre couldn't deal with it.

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