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    Well, we KNEW Palm was in distress and that the Pre was the first in the new WebOS line seen as the savior of the company. Sprint also is counting on the Pre to re-vitalize the carrier and cement the reorganization. They've finally completely written off the Nextel purchase (Yup. $33 Billion flushed down the crapper!) and are ready to move forward with newer plans like the Everything Plans. SERO just wasn't profitable for them, and I can see why. Those were some insanely cheap deals!

    I'm sure Palm and Sprint both would have loved another 3 to 6 months development time, but they got to a compromise point where the device was usable and even exciting, but not a finished product. Palm can now sort out the remaining issues, address the critical omissions, and they get us 300,000 early adopters as beta testers. And after all, who launches a completely finished product these days? Only devices that are low-end or mid-range rehashes of an established concept are truly "done" when launched, like the S60 phones Nokia is making for the developing world. And those are hardly inspiring.

    I believe Palm will fix a lot of these issues soon. Developers are working to fill the app store. In short, the Pre experience is going to improve quickly IMHO, and it's pretty good so far from where I sit. Maybe I was more realistic about a new device on an entirely new platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    go take a look at the Blackberry Storm Forums at crackberry...

    and you would then think Palm did an AMAZING job.. campared to RIM's launch of the storm and the MILLIONS they spent in advertising a phone no one on the planet could even touch till it was released... why? it was/is ONE HUNDRED TIMES worse at launch.. with slow laggy software that didn't really work well at all..
    And this is why I came from the Storm. compared to the Storm this phone is the second coming of Jesus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeeBitObsessed View Post
    I think its important to note, that all forums are a negatively skewed sample set, as people have a stong tendancy to post only when they are having issues.

    But clearly, Palm needs to address battery consumption and excessive power draw asap
    True. But I suspect it's a fairly large set of people having problems. Yes, some may just be people not reading the manual. But it appears to be a little more than that. There's a new poll that just started and 21 people have had no problems and 19 people have problems. Sure it's a small sample and not scientific in any way, but it's higher than I would have expected.

    I may have just gotten unlucky and have a bad phone. Depending on how it performs today I may exchange it for another one (depending on availability). Then hopefully I will fall under the no-problems category in the poll.
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    What version 1.0 ANYTHING comes out of the gate problem free with every single feature you want and dream included? IPHONE-NO! ANDROID? NO! XBOX? NO! PS3? NO! windows os? NO! mac os? NO! dang my Garmin GPS has been updated 3 times since I bought it last fall.

    If you're new to tech stuff, the way it works is version 1 comes out bugs included and little features not there. They will patch it like every other company does (ie 1.1, 1.2 etc) and when they get to 1.5 they will have a killer update, bet there will be a new model released right around there as well. (think IPHONE and ANDROID) They will continue to patch and add little extras then about a year from now 2.0 will come out and will have everything you want, that is until you get it.

    People, you can't see the forest for the trees. This phone with all the quirks is the GAME CHANGER they said it would be. Does it do every thing we want? NO but honestly what piece of tech doesn't need refining after its 1.0 release? Palm has everything invested in webos and unlike the past will keep improving it and updating it to make it better. just chill and enjoy the future in your hand.
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    ^^What jabou said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sevink View Post
    And this is why I came from the Storm. compared to the Storm this phone is the second coming of Jesus.
    I agree with this..I have a storm and its sitting on my nightstand. Still the quirkiest phone I have ever used..

    People seem to get what the 1st gen Iphone was like when it came out..There where no apps and you really couldn't do much at all with the damn thing..Sold mine.

    I'm loving my pre
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