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    I heard from a sprint sales rep (my brother in-law's best friend) that if you purchase the pre from best buy for $199 out the door, no mail in rebate required, that you cannot purchase insurance for it. Is this true? i thought you have up to 30 days to add insurance from the day you activate, or upgrade.
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    No, that is definitely not true. It seems like you fell victim to a commission based employee. Best Buy actually offers the Sprint Insurance and their Black Tie Protection. Which one you get depends on how you are with the phone. The Sprint one is $7 a month and covers lost/stolen, but has a $125 deductable. When you pay the deductable, you will usually either get a refurbed or a similar style phone, but not necessarily the Pre.

    With the Best Buy Black Tie, it's $10 a month and does NOT cover lost or stolen. However, it does cover all accidental and if they can't fix your exact phone, you get a brand new one out of the box.

    To me, unless you lose your phone, I would go with the Best Buy plan. Yeah it's $3 bucks more, but that's still way less than if you totaled it up and compared it to the deductable on Sprint. Plus, you are going to get your Pre or a new one. Imagine your phone breaking and they give you a Treo 800.

    However, I've also heard that Palm is treating the Pre as straight Devo which means that they won't even try to repair them, but simply replace them for customer's. So, you should be good in your manufacturer's warranty unless you lose or abuse the phone. If you do abuse it, then the Best Buy one does go through Palm and you will get a new one. Sprint's doesn't and they make the calls with their insurance.

    Trust me, i've had a lot of experience with both.
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    Interesting, thanks for the info! now it's a matter of deciding.... Best buy insurance, or sprint.... Hmm..

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