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    Bought 3 Pre's. All working perfectly.

    The Pre fits in the hand like no other phone. It is the right size, with the right form. It is a gorgeous phone.

    I'm finding the keyboard to be good. I previously had a Blackberry Curve. Not missing a beat with the Pre. All this talk about sticky and small----I'll take the Pre's size and functionality. My experience with typing on the Iphone was unbearable. Same with the Storm. No such problem with the Pre. Adapted to it quickly.

    Universal search----wow!


    Screen and colors----wow!

    Touchstone chargers----wow!

    Videos play very smoothly. Little slow to load but very smooth when loaded and playing.

    Unobtrustive notifications----wow!

    Camera----the flash on this is---well, it's some kind of a flash. I've take some very good photos with it. The software depth of field feature they have incorporated is a big winner.

    Music with ear phones----good quality sound. Speakerphone could be a tad louder.

    Phone call quality---excellent.

    My teenager (19 yrs. old) is amazed by the phone. This will be a big seller to teenagers.

    Facebook----very good.

    Youtube----very good.

    App catalog---there are some very good apps already out. AP News, Pandora, Fandago, Spaz--very good for Twitter, Accuweather, Google Maps, GPS is great, New York Times. Not very much more I need. Something for keeping up with business miles but I don't need very much more.

    On the other hand, in the line at Sprint on Sat. I met a young guy who has already written two apps for the Pre. He said it was so easy to write apps for. Folks, there will be no shortage of Apps.

    This thing about poor hardware, plasticy is bull. Very quality build. In terms of plastic feel it reminds me of plastic of Blackberry Curve. It's light but not too light. Feels good in the pocket. Nothing cheap feeling about it.

    It is a fingerprint magnet but what touchscreen isn't?

    WebOs is so responsive. Screen does not lag. I repeat, some times Apps are slow to load but just keep open what you need most. As a card, they stay active and no lag is involved.

    The gestures and gesture area are just plain neat. The light (center button) has a zen-like quality to it.

    The opening video titled Have Fun is impressive. Palm has given attention to details. Has everything been thought of? Of course not. But this is like no other first generation phone. They have nailed it.

    I switched from Sprint to Verizon. My experience on launch day was outstanding. I got three calls before the launch. I got an email the day after launch to make sure everything was fine. Outstanding customer service. Not just good, but outstanding.

    I was out of two contracts with Verizon. Had to pay to break contract for my son. No regrets.

    I think a dent will be made in Iphone and RIM business but the real impact will be on people switching from "feature phones" to smartphones. If I were Motorola, Nokia, etc.-----I would be worried. HTC better worry too. Their smartphones have some nice features but are no match for the Pre.
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    I agree with pretty much everything you said in this.
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    Ya I love it beautiful phone
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    this is a welcome change to all the fud seen around there lately.....
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    I agree as well!!
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    My screen and scrolling long lists lags quite a bit. Am I the only one who experiences this?
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    everything but they don't include basic stuff.
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    Good review. I am coming from a treo 700wx and it was a nightmare. Now, I am loving my new pre. I was the first person in line on saturday and got the first pre. I use to use outlook to sync my calendar and contacts, now I am using google. I like the google sync much better than outlook after playing with it. My only beef is that palm should have offered an application to be able to sync to either google or outlook. I downloaded the trail version of companionlink and will probably have to purchase it for 30 bucks.

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