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    SplashID does look interesting (yet expensive). But I guess you then have to trust THEM that there are no back doors.... this is an area where FOSS (Open Source) is ideal. I suppose the data would still get pushed to Palm, but (supposedly) only in a strongly encrypted file
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    i've been using Keepass for years. open source and osi certified. I love open source security software, you know that there is no backdoor.

    Hopefully someone comes up with a client for the Pre.
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    Some of us solved this a long time ago with programs like SplashID or (in my case) Linkesoft's Secret!. I have to keep password lists for the systems I admin which I would *never* put in the cloud. I also store other random non-work-related sensitive information in there.

    To an extent, it's the idea of separation of data - kinda analogous to the way computers with classified information on them are physically separate and disconnected from the internet in government. Not the best analogy, but...

    When I finally get my Pre (car blew up a week and a half ago and ate my Pre money), I'll continue to use Secret! in MotionApp's Classic until Linkesoft (hopefully) ports to WebOS or something similar (more an encrypted notepad than the way programs like SplashID work - personal preference) comes out.
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