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    Discovered some built in tests on the Pre.
    Launch device Info
    Scroll to the bottom and select More Info.
    Select the menu "Preferences"

    There is a Quick tests and an Interactive Tests. Some useful stuff here.
    Lets you test all the hardware buttons, sensors, screen tests, keyboard tests, slider tests etc...

    The Quick Tests, tests the Pre's memory.

    Anyone having errors post here. ii
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    good find
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    This a good find. When you go through the tests there's a button to send the results to Customer Service. The screen tests will clearly show if your Pre has any dead or stuck pixels. For example, I have a corner of the screen where on a white background will appear a little yellow. You can use that test to prove screen issues. Those that have screen issues should definitely use this test and send the results to be heard.

    I also thought it was interesting that during the Keyboard Slider test it tells you how many times the keyboard has been opened/closed using what they call the "Hall Sensor" whatever that is.

    There's a also an backlight auto dimmer test so that definitely answers the questions of if that feature exists.
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    Cool! My Pre tested perfectly!
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    If your Pre fails any of the tests:

    Palm Pre Quick Tests Error Code Matrix Inside Sprint Now
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    Yep saw this yesterday. It's good to see if your device is malfunctioning and being able to test the components is neat.

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