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    I've found that, while tasks that I set a due date of the same day for increment the counter for due tasks by one, this tallying system is not consistent. The following day, I won't receive a new tally-up of all the tasks due that day unless I turn my phone off and then back on. Only then will it give me an accurate count for each task list of all the tasks due that day.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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    My notifications are still not working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texhawk View Post
    I called Palm as I was adding tasks manually and wasn't seeing the numbers off to the side in the task main menu, nor was I receceiving any notifications on the notification bar. They had me do a soft-restart. As soon as that completed, I saw the numbers and received notifications.
    I am having the very same notifications unless I reset the phone. This is a HUGE bummer and I hope they figure out a fix soon.
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