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    Got my baby yesterday afternoon, worked fine for about 5 hrs and then the touchscreen would not respond at all. Pulled battery several times which did not fix the issue. The keypad worked fine, as did the click button, but nothing on the screen would respond to touch. It randomly began working again, worked fine most of the day today but intermittently will not respond. To clarify, it is not that it is slow or not working well, but will not respond in any way for a period of time. I'll check back later and it will seem to work perfectly.

    Any ideas?

    I'm going to take it into sprint tomorrow, but I know when I do it will be in one of the periods where it seems to work, and they'll look at it and say they cant reproduce the issue. Then I'll drive home and it will not respond....any way to prove to them that I'm having this problem?
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    help please....this is frustrating
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    As long as you're still within the return period, I'm sure they wouldn't have problems replacing it with a new one, but just know that because of the demand - a replacement might be low on the priority list as new customers. Are you on Twitter? You could tweet:

    JGoldsborough (JGoldsborough) on Twitter

    He's one of the bigwigs for Sprint's customer service at their corporate office in KC. VERY helpful with any issues
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    ok.. I kinda had the same problem yesterday... my problem was in the phone's phone app I was getting the screen freaking out off and on and not responding to touch so! I went back into the sprint store to talk to them about it where the rep asked me the superior question of, "Did you buy this phone today??".. and I answered, "well I most certainly didn't buy it yesterday."

    but I digress.. my problem was that the phone was in the weird sunlight we had here in northern Indiana yesterday causing the photo senor to freak out... solution that me and a sprint manager came up with was don't point it to the sun... I don't really think this is your problem but I hope it helps some
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    I have the same problem. What really pisses me off is that it had this problem when the Sprint guy was having me create a profile. I thought it just needed the touch screen calibrated or something.

    I've updated the software, restarted, etc. It's very intermittent. it worked half of the day saturday, but now it's almost useless.

    Sometimes punching the power button repeatedly will make it work. Quite often I can drag to unlock the phone, but then it immediately stops working after that. That really makes me wonder if it's hardware or software.

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