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    Sorry for asking what I'm sure has been discussed many times....
    have a 755p; do simply things with it: memos, splash id, calendar & task. surf the web with data plan just a bit with sprint (have ups discount).

    also have ipod touch 2nd gen. enjoy the push email, surfing portrait/landscape modes. laughed when I realized it would not allow me to put apps in catagories...did not laugh when I found out pre does not either nor offer that for memos (have tons of work memos).

    Questions -
    1. is the lack of catagories in the webOS that big a deal?
    2. is there a 'classic' app available now for the pre to allow import and catagory memos? if so does it work well at all and can one add/edit catagories afterwards on the pre. colored notes just will not cut it in my book. had my name added to the wait list...corporate sprint store may get some more in this coming week. was ok to play with it at the store and they will give me $50 for my 755p (billing credit).

    just an old palm pda user here wondering if upgrading is the 'smart' move based on my needs/wants. have a netbook with linux and though it boots faster then windows it does not do as much as windows OS can...wondering if our pre OS may have lost some of those 755p features many of us care for...catagories for instance.

    enjoy the new phones, I realize overall for most of us the pre is much improved over what we had in the palm OS, still being able to group things is of value I feel. played with it at the corporate store today, on waiting list...just in case I want to get one and they would give me $50 for my 755p but if I cannot bring in my memos from my 755p then it is a no go for me.
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    The Pre is an improvement in many ways, but it won't let you work the way you were working before. So yeah, if you don't want to change your work habits, you'll have a few issues. But to answer your specific questions:
    1. I don't think lack of categories is a big deal, but I never used them, so take that for what it's worth. Search is your new best friend.
    2. Classic doesn't have many of the core PIM functions installed, but even if it did, it wouldn't have any connection to the rest of the phone, and it wouldn't be able to hotsync, so that probably is not an option.

    I'm still personally trying to figure out a good way to get my memos transferred in. Gekko has posted some information on a good solution, but that was pre-Pre, so I don't know if his method will work. I think I can email the text of the memo to myself, hit reply, then copy it, then paste it into a memo. But obviously you don't want to do this for more than a few.

    Update: yep, that "worked" for the one memo I really wanted to keep, except that when I hit reply, it double-spaced everything so that when I copy+pasted into my memo, I had to delete a lot of extra lines. Yeah, that was fun. But at least you can do it. I wouldn't do this for more than one or two, though.
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    Thanks for the information. Might keep my 755p and itouch 2nd gen set up for a bit longer then see what shakes out on the palm pre front. then again might buy it once they tell me the next shipment is in
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    There are a lot of things the old P-OS apps do that are missing from the Pre. Read throught the forum posts and you'll have no problem identifying them. Between the missing capabilities, the numerous bugs, and potential fragility issues, I've decided to hang on to my 755 for the immediate future.
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