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    Palm this is a great phone! Perfect No. But what phone is.

    The build quality of the phone is more than adequate for this generation. The WebOs is astounding. The browser is on par if not better than Opera and Safari. Multitasking has set a new bar for all software creators. The launch has went better than the Iphone 3G in terms of bugs and network issues.

    This is truly the best device on the Sprint network and I have had a Curve, Touch Pro, and the infamous Instinct. You finally have a phone to match Sprint's great plans and most dependable network.

    Now a word to the wise.

    Palm and Sprint: Please, do not screw this up. You will need two things for the Pre to be all it can be. Continually upgrade the Os with OTA updates. Build the ecosystem, meaning apps, apps, and more apps. Palm had one of the first and largest ecosystems. Now lets reinvent it and make it even better.

    The Palm Pre is not perfect. But it is the closest thing to perfect on Sprint and is a formidable adversary to the iphone, Blackberry, and G1.
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    Rubinstein to the rescue!

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