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    Has anyone else been getting junk SMS messages since switching to the pre? All of mine say "free msgs: will stop automatically" following by a bunch of characters. I've probably gotten half dozen of them since getting the pre Saturday morning. If anyone has suggestions, please pass along.
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    me too its annoying
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    Yeah I wonder what's causing it.
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    I got one saying standard text message rates apply $.20 per message. Very weird.
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    "'Form follows function' that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."
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    Not here.
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    Me neither.
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    Nah, I used to get spam SMS once every month or two but it's been a while. I think spammers just have mass texting programs that blindly send out messages.
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    Wait a sec. A Titans fan in NJ? I live in Nashville. What's your connection?
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    None here.
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    I've been getting these too... only about 3. Hopefully they"ll stop.
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    Try replying with the text: stop, it could stop it. I've seen this work before, though most of the junk SMS I've seen is on T-Mobile.
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    I used to get spam messages on my centro and sprint couldnt figure out why. Then I went to and logged in and changed my sprint email address to a bunch of different letters and numbers (example: k38dhfkr8dh@sprint . com) and they stopped. That may work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by utvolfan67 View Post
    Wait a sec. A Titans fan in NJ? I live in Nashville. What's your connection?
    Houston connection. Dad was/is Oilers fan when he was stationed there. Grew up as that, stayed with them when they became the Titans.

    Live near Philly, and im a Philly fan all around... but I pick the Titans over the Eagles any day.
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    I'm getting them as well; I tried replying with "stop", but that just sends a message back indicating that the sender has chosen not to receive messages Hrmph
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    I've not received any either. Would it be possible to call Sprint on something like this to find out where these messages may have originated from?
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    I have gotten about 5 of these messages since I got my Pre on Saturday. I just dekete them immediately. None today so far.
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    are you referring to the txt msgs from a 9114 number with a bunch of garbled text? or something else?
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