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    interested in getting the Pre but isn't going to upgrade. He wants to be safe and be able to return his Pre if he doesn't like it, but I told him I wasn't sure if they'll take back retail Pres.

    Can you return a retail phone at Sprint and how much time do you have? I need to find out soon so he'll get a Pre!
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    30 days he should be able too
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    You should be able to.

    I got mine for $75 off (1 year left in contract)... and they told me I can bring it back within 30 days.
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    30 questions.....only might have to pay a restocking fee...35 bucks.
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    Tell him to read through the contract before he signs. Ask the sales reps if they have ever done a full cash return for someone doidn what he's asking about.

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