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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorrich1 View Post
    I would like to see a parental controls app that...

    1. provides a GPS location/tracking for my family
    2. creates password accessible logs for things like SMS, MMS, phone use and sends them to my Pre via email at a settable frequency
    3. the ability to lock/block apps or total phone use completely or by schedule
    4. Remote lock, unlock, locate and log request using SMS code from approved #.
    5. Whitelist/blacklist for sending/receiving calls, SMS, MMS and email
    6. specific 911 pin for 911 call and custom pin(s) for parental/family calls even when phone is locked

    All of these would be great but even some would be good.
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    How about a my tehter program that can be installed direct from app catalog or better yet an upgrade from Palm, android phones are now comming out with it standard. An application so that you can use your Palm for an internet connection to your computer.
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    There's an app that the iphone has called "iBlacklist". I REALLY REALLY REALLY, would love to see the Pre get an app just like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emrcon382 View Post
    How about a my tehter program that can be installed direct from app catalog or better yet an upgrade from Palm, android phones are now comming out with it standard. An application so that you can use your Palm for an internet connection to your computer.
    ?? I thought they allow Mobile Hotspot for plans that allow Tethering.
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    start with feature parity with Treo/Centro. 'nuff said.
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    I would like to see a working emulator app for the HP48/49 calculator (an upgraded Power48 would be greatly appreciated! It doesn't work with Motionapps Classic).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil1528 View Post

    4. Bookmark Picture editing - When I set a bookmark, it only uses a snapshot of top right hand corner of the screen. I want to be able to load my own or save a picture from the site.
    well one the front page of precentral a few weeks ago there was guide for this

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDash View Post
    ?? I thought they allow Mobile Hotspot for plans that allow Tethering.
    um yes...on verzion....but on sprint we are not allowed...thats why theres not a tether app in the app catalog...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    start with feature parity with Treo/Centro. 'nuff said.
    Web OS left out the very things that made Palm great.
    PIM - Personal Information Manager, what "smartphones" where soposed to be, what they used to be, what Android needs to become.

    I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH, the 3 most important features of any PIM device is:

    Search of the entire phone (not the internet), search through all your personal data, thru the contacts, notes, calendar, spreadsheets, memos, to-do lists, word processing files, SMS/MMS, thru every native apps, thru every 3rd party app data, anything and everything on your phone (not the internet) quickly and completely the way Palm OS did. Fast information retrieval of your personal data and databases is the most important and single most useful thing on this planet as far as PIM’s are concerned. Not links to twitter, not cool little icon creation tools, not fun cutesy little play things, but real world useful things.

    The ability to copy an address or sentence out of a text message or email, (not the entire message, only the portion you need) and paste it into a contact, or paste it into a memo or task field, or it into Google maps. Or Copy part of a to-do list item and paste it into a spreadsheet, or copy a value out of a spreadsheet cell and paste it into an email etc.

    3. DESKTOP APPLICATION to sync with.
    A desktop application to sync with, to back up all your PIM information (contacts, calendar, to-do lists, memos, wordprocessing files, spreadsheet files etc, to your PC and vice/versa (without being forced to use Outlook). Not syncing to “the cloud”, I don’t want all my personal info spread out all over the internet for who knows who to snoop through. I want my personal info on my phone and my desktop PC only. A Desktop application to be able to do the bulk of your data entry from your PC then syncing it to your phone instead of having to type out and tons of personal data, such as useful formulas, extensive notes about people, long letters or ebooks you want to cut and paste into your desktop app so you can sync it to your phone so you can read it on the road at your leasure without trying to type all that data into your little touch screen pad. To be able to look up information and data stored on my phone without not having to wait on a slow connection as it stores and retrieves from the cloud. And to be able to look up the same information on my desktop app when I can’t find my phone. To backup my data or retrieve it without being dependant an internet connection. When I lose my old phone, I want to be able to sync the new phone to my Desktop application had have all my personal info and data files loaded on to my new phone putting me right back in business without skipping a beat.

    Primary PIM Apps to be fully intergreated with each other on the phone and on the Desktop are:
    * Calendar/Scheduler/with very flexible alarms (i.e. repeat every third Thursday etc.). Should have Day/Week/Month/Year views.
    * Contacts/Addresses/People that will show the long names on the screen when you select it.
    * To Do List (KISS applies here, just need to easily slide line items up and down on the priority list and/or give it a changeable priority level, and to be able to attach longer notes if need be)
    * Memo/Notes/Flash Cards to store anything and everything you think to write down to take note down, any thought, idea, note, comment, list of items, what someone said – Any and all inputs instantly retrievable by the “Universal Search”.
    * Media/Pictures/Video/Music sync between desktop and device.
    * Third party attachment handler (to automatically sync spreadsheet files for instance).

    Store, Retrieve, and Manage/Manipulate Personal Information, that’s what Personal Information Managers (PIMs) are for. Not for doing animated gifs or other cutesy time wasters.

    This is something the Twit(ers) writing software today don’t understand, not everyone has the luxury of laying around drinking soda pop and twittering each other all day, most of us need to actually get some work done in the real world. To manage and access personal information as well as internet info.

    I would have switched from Palm OS to iPhone a couple years ago but the iPhone had no universal search or universal copy/paste at the time which made the iPhone worthless game machine to me. So I stayed with Palm. Now that Palm OS is being replaced with WebOS, I see now that the “new blood” writing the new Palm WebOS software left out the 3 most important things, the very things that made Palm great to begin with. So I bought a Droid Incredible, it falls flat on it’s face as a PIM, now I am back to carrying two devices a Palm OS for an actual working PIM, and a Droid for all the other “cool” stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Droid but it would be nice to get them back into one device again. The industry sometimes goes backwards instead of forwards. Now I see that Apple finally caught up to Palm by including a universal search and copy/paste into the iPhone finally, Android needs to catch up to Palm OS also, in a hurry, otherwise I may have to sidestep to an iphone when my one year contract is up.

    PalmOS had a much more precise touch screen, all you had to do to select text was touch your fingernail, pen, or stylist to the letter you wanted to start with and drag to the end point to highlight the text you want, and then hit Menu/Copy. The new Johnny-come-lately touch screen phones do not have a precise way to select text directly, though the iPhone has come up with a good workaround for this, it’s not quite as fast and easy as the PalmOS but just as accurate at selecting only what you want, and it is universal just like the Palm.

    If and when iambic ports Agendus to the Android OS it will be a great day for Android users, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing is we still need universal search & copy/paste across all 3-party applications. When I was a palm user I didn’t see the need for Agendus (a very robust PIM) because it seemed redundant on the Palm, but I could see the need for it on other platforms such as Windows devices, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. Now that I am a Droid user I see the need for Agendus for the Android. Agendus is starting to sound like a great Idea, a robust PIM application that can be ported to any new phone platform that comes out, that way you learn one app and keep it with you across platforms as the phone market keeps changing.
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    Bluetooth voice dial.
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    I don't know if any other mobile OS has one, but a home decorating app would be a terrific idea. It's be an app on your phone to store room sizes, window sizes, needed furniture etc. Perhaps it could link to photos of the empty rooms with pictures of the wall colors. You could take photos of furniture while you are shopping, with GPS tag so you'll know where it was taken, for later consideration. Perhaps it could have metric--english conversions, financial calculations for cost per room, per square foot, etc. You could sell advertisements on it to furniture companies, wall paper companies, etc. How about it
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    Make the clock work like the Treo. That is; I want to see local time in whatever timezone I'm in, without changing the times for every appointment, every time I step off an airplane. Give me the option of linking the calendar with the current timezone or keeping it fixed on "home time".
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    Are there apps for voice dial and voice gps directions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbord1 View Post
    Having the little button on bottom light up when missed call or text would be nice too...and increase speaker volume!
    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
    I like the idea of the button lighting up to alert the user of a new message received.

    I'd love to see a good RSS reader. The BlackBerry has Viigo and it's a killer app.
    It can its called Blink notifications under Screen and Lock at the bottom ENJOY

    Edit: O ic this thread was OLD haha before they had all this cool stuff
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    Don't forget to dump your feature requests here as well:

    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    The ability to program the phone to send a text message at whatever time I set to whoever I want it to go to. This would be great for wakeup calls, reminders and all those other random times where I wanna send a text in the future but get it out of the way ahead of time.
    I could see it now: Gesture + tap send; up pops a quick menu "send now, send in 30 min, send in 1 hour, set send time".
    ^^sounds like that could be done in a patch, really

    Also I would like the ability to set my phone in a mode where it auto-responds to text messages that says something like "Can't talk now. Driving."

    I want to use Google Voice over Wifi only as well.
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    Please continue Classic Emulator for those who have invested a lot in Palm Apps through the years!
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    would love a physical switch (like the mute toggle) to disable the accelerometer-what a pain in the but to constantly have to twist and turn the phone to reorient the screen back to the correct position. dang what a pain!
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    Quote Originally Posted by walterfranciskerr View Post
    Please continue Classic Emulator for those who have invested a lot in Palm Apps through the years!

    Is there any way to still activate Classic?
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