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    SIP supported apppppppppp....... i badly neeeeeed it........plzzzzzzz
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    Please voicedial!! Makes using phone in car so much easier..I use my phone a lot in the car.
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    I would LOVE to see is a torrent app, that works on wifi, and can dl the torrent straight to ure phone and can be transferred to ure comp through USB.
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    I'd really like the ability to resize a photo on the phone. In many cases, there is no reason to send the full 1.5MB+ photo that I just took.

    The way I would envision this working, is that in the photo app, when you open the menu to share the photo, there is an additional option to "Resize and share". It would let you choose from a couple of commonly used sizes (say 800x600, 640x480, and maybe 1024x768). This way, when you just want to send a quick snapshot to a friend, it doesn't take 2-3 minutes for a huge image file to send.

    I'm actually quite surprised that there hasn't been a patch for this yet. If I had any development skills whatsoever, I'd write it myself...
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    Group Text option where you could have pre-set groups, not having to add individuals each time you want to text more than one person.
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    i just want video recording and ill be happy. i couldnt believe there was no camcorder when i bought the phone.
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    They got Craigs List! 2 versions. One for simples list and a pay one for more advanced
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    Perhaps already requested, but would love to have a voice recorder. I miss that from the last Palm. Video record would be nice as well. and for sure the light needs to blink to notify of calls.
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    I want:

    Ability to undelete an email. There's an option to move a deleted e-mail back to the in-box but it doesn't seem to work

    Better control of sounds. I want different sounds with different volumes for alarms, phone, notifications, etc. And I want a single screen that lets me select them all, AND THEIR VOLUMES

    contact lists

    slide open to take a call/slide close to end it

    e-mail folders that can be created on the phone, with the abilty to store the emails in some folders longer than in other folders. (yeah, I use POP, not iMAP)

    double-tap (or similar) to select text to copy/cut/paste. Current menu option is clunky.

    Lighting up the button if you have alerts would be nice, but isn't high on my list.
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    Please give us a digital voice recorder. I need one - wishing I bought an iphone.
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    I see this mentioned every now and then and I could use it as well: The ability to get notifications for folders other then Inbox.
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    Of your suggestions, I totally agree with the need for CATEGORIES -- especially to separate business and personal contacts so they can be synced from separate Outlook folders, edited on the Pre, and then synced back to the PC.
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    Would love voice dialing and messenging programs like GTalk, AIM and YMgr to actually function. :-(
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    Voice recorder, for sure!! #6 on the initial post to this thread.
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    Yes! Definitely the ability to add categories to contacts!

    How Palm could ever have thought that was a feature worth neglecting, I'll never know.
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    I personally would like to see an app that lets the pre connect to a VPN.
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    Simple milage tracker for the Pre PLEASE ! Not for gas milage- for business miles- start trip/end trip/total milage/ and a place to enter reason for trip or location/date................
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    Still really, really want to be able to invite contacts to meetings without having to use OWA/Google Calendar
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeamoore View Post
    I see this mentioned every now and then and I could use it as well: The ability to get notifications for folders other then Inbox.
    Hear, Hear!

    I' ld really like that one.
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    Search within any application, but for me, within Calendar would be great.

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