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    I've got 3 lines down the mirror, apparently from the slider. Great, thanks for making me notice! :/
    j/k, It's not a big deal.
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    i got one on each side a little less the a quarter in on each side where the slider presumably is
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    On my 4th pre, never had this problem on the others.. lol Go figure. Least of my worries considering my latest one has the screen discoloration problem from heat. Guess I will wait and go for #5 in a few months.
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    yup, and there to stay, I'm sure
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dookie View Post
    Mine has this as well. It's not really a scratch though, it's just an area where the slider mechanism appears to be rubbing against the mirror. I was able to rub it off with a little elbow grease, although I suppose it could eventually turn into a scratch with enough use.

    Not a big deal though. The mirror is the one component on this phone I could totally care less about.
    They have fixed this issue on newer pre' comes from the slider being so loose. I have no wobble in my slider now...I mean none what so ever. I replaced my pre a few weeks ago and notice there was no gap between the slider and key pad.
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