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    I'm talking about the traditional apps that have a desktop component and a device component, and where the two 'sync'.

    Examples that I can think of: Ultrasoft Money or Quicken. They both sync to the main application that runs on the desktop. The device application has scaled functionality from the desktop (mostky they do daya input, and some data viewing) and in practical terms, you just cannot use only the device app.

    The various expense apps used for business travelers are another category, the device app is great for data input, but the utility of the device app it to get the data to the desktop and into your business travel expense reports.
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    Here is my post on it, I know there are two apps coming soon but I don't know if they will have all the functionality that you want, but I'm sure you can research more on it. Desktop Sync Coming To Mac Users… Eventually | Pre Insiders

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