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    Has anyone here ever used Squaretrade instead of TEP? Had a good experience? I'm curious.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    I wish there was a place that replaced your phone with a BNIB one. And let the "broken" defective ones go back to the manufacture for a servicing and made "new" again. I'm tired of this refurb crap. There's a reason it was broken, so why circulate it again.
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    I have several warranties through SquareTrade, based on the reviews I've read on them. Check out epinions for a whole slew a reviews (600+). I'd post a link but I can't yet

    Plus, they're cheaper than TEP.
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    Sure you can, just put a few spaces between the URL and it'll be fine. It needs to post as text, not as a link. So do something like ww dot (url name) dot com kinda thing

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