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    Ok, it's out, but now I need to protect it. I have heard of a few thin skins mentioned in the threads, but no exact vendors. (yeah, I have done a few searches)

    Pouches are ok, (I have mine in my 1 year old's sock), but I am really looking for a hard case to keep this thing going.

    I don't want Pre to fall down on the floor, but I know me and my family - it's going to happen, and I want to be ready.

    Suggestions? And what are you using for Pre protection. I was thinking of cutting up a ShamWow, but hate the yellow look

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    I bought one of those magnetic Palm leather cases from Sprint when I bought my Pre. Works pretty well. I'm also going to do Clear Coat for the Pre as my protectant.
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    I've always used invisibleshield / bestskinsever for the soapy water / squeegee clear protectors.
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    It's an Accessory.
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