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    OK, So my PRE is crazy hot.. Yesterday it was hot while charging and while it wasnt.. I had battery issues so this morning I tweaked (turned all the features off) to increase battery life. The thing is that I charged it today and it was hot while charging. Now its still charging and its cool to the touch. I dont get this damn phone man and its pissing me off..
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    Did you have anything running in the background? My Touch Pro was really hot today without even using it, come to find out I had the weather loop running in the background and didn't even know it. I thought I had closed it...
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    My Pre has been running very hot. Also, I unplugged the phone at 11am and the battery died on me at 430pm (I played around with it less than about an hour). I am bummed with the phone and think it reacts too slowly for business use. The calendar function takes too long to scroll through...I miss my Treo already! Great battery life and quick loading of functions, and I can actually sync my data.

    The photo view function is slow to load each photo, my wife's I Phone loads pictures very fast.

    The cards function is very cool and I love the idea of the integrated contacts and calendar.

    It may be a cool phone when they get all the bugs worked out, but I can't use this phone in my busy life right now, so I'm going back to Sprint tomorrow and getting my Treo back up and running.
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    My Treo 755p would occasionally get really hot. I haven't experienced any hotness yet.
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    My 700P ran warm, My Centro ran Warm. My 800W ran super hot and my Touch Pro was on fire. Thats the way Smartphones are .
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    My 700P, Centro, and Diamond all ran warm. My Pre runs cool. No heat issues at all. I'm thinking that your heat issues are either: (1) the Sprint coverage is spotty, so the Pre is working hard to keep a signal; or (2) there is a problem with the Pre or battery.

    Be sure to update the firmware to the latest version. (1.0.2?)
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    My battery runs really hot on the charger.
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    ^Where on the phone is it hot? Are you sure it's the battery?
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    The bottom of my phone runs REALLY hot while on the charger and I'm using it at the same time. Sorta annoying but I'll live with it until my store gets more in stock.
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    I like to use the word "toasty" yeah mine is running toasty too, mostly when charging or inside a building. I've had the same issue with every Sprint phone I've owned, I just chalk it up to CDMA
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    So far the only time mine's been really hot has been when running Sprint Navigation. The screen runs at full without timing out, it's constantly pulling down GPS, updating the screen, and outputting voice instructions, for 30 minutes. (pretty sweet, as I have never used a car GPS before). Other than that, no hotter than any other handheld.
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    my phone gets hot whenever I connect to the network (voice or data)

    it's getting really warm on the back of the phone, behind the keyboard.
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    my phone runs hot, when on the charger also. Charged my phone overnight, took it off charger at 7:30 am it died at 12:00 pm what gives??? I think I have a setting that is wrong, I watched it go from 46% to dead in about 40 mins.
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    I had similar issues. Bottom of the phone below the battery was crazy hot. Battery ran down from 100% to dead in 2-3 hours. Went back to Sprint, did a "soft reset" and seems to have resolved the issue. All cards were closed but something must have still been running to suck the juice that fast. No problems today but if happens again, i'm getting a different one
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    My Pre doesn't seem to get hot while charging but being on a 10 minute call it starts getting quite hot. What to do?
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    First time I'm experience major heat from the back of the phone. Here were my settings:

    -- have wifi turn on
    -- had pandora running in b.g.
    -- had one web page card running
    -- was signed into gtalk
    -- had been writing an email

    Everything closed now ... just wifi still on, and phone still hot as hell!

    Also -- with just pandora running, i noticed the phone became noticeably slugish with respect to flipping through the launchpad pages, scrolling through an article via the AP News application, and loading up a new card, etc.
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    I noticed with my first phone that after a few times charging it up, it stopped heating up so badly. Also that little pouch it comes with is not a great surface to set your phone on while it's charging. I didn't really see much of a different with the slider in or out.
    Now that I am letting my new phone fully charge I am noticing that odd "heat" again, so I assume it will fade.

    That aside while making long phone calls I am curious if you are covering up the speaker on the back. I ask this because the back seems to be sitting slightly out from the speaker to let heat escape a little more easily. Just my thoughts though.
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    mine only got hot while watching SprintTV, but watching YouTube via Wi-Fi was ok.
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    mine gets hottest when going from full signal to 1 bar of 1x back to full EV back to 1x....soft resets don't help.
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    Mine gets very warm below the battery at the bottom of the back of the phone where the "guts" are below the black plastic cover. When I put it back into standby it cools right down. Not unbearable but can be annoying at times.
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