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    My gets VERY hot when charging and using it at the same time! This never happened with the TREO. Pre sucks so far, Calendar is awful ! If I could I would return it but I did not save the damn box!
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    Mine only gets pretty warm when I'm on a hands-free call using a bluetooth. Not even hot though.
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    My Pre cooled down around the time I install update 1.0.2, but it's been back to HOT since I installed 1.0.3.

    Has anyone else noticed their Pre became hotter after installing the latest update?
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    I don't understand the "calendar sucks" opinions. I think it's fast and easy to read/use. Mine syncs with google where there are 2 calendars on one account. My work exchange pushes calendar info to my 'work' google calendar every hour (using google calendar sync) and shows up on my Pre flawlessly. My 'personal' google calendar on the same account also shows up flawlessly and adding appointments on the Pre takes the shortest time of any other mobile calendar I have used. If I had to get rid of my Pre, the synergistic calendar is one thing I would miss sorely.
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    Mine gets hot while on call with BT, WiFi on and Calendar app running in background. It is kind of warm while charging.
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    One thing that I have noticed is that sometimes after swiping an app away, I can swip down and the app comes back. It is not every time, but it happens enough that I swip down after every time I close an App.
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