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    I don't have a Pre yet, but after reading all the negative comments I was getting a little worried about buying it. But then I thought, if other popular phones had growing pains, then I should be OK getting the Pre. So, I searched a bunch of other forums to find some of the same complaints that others had with other phones that are now very popular. These are the actual posts from forums, I tried to get posts as close to the release date as possible-

    Pre "Battery trouble this morning =("
    iPhone "How likely will the next iPhone have better battery life?"
    BB Curve " My battery seems to just drain!"
    HTC Touch Pro "I am returning this piece of crap! It doesn't even last 3 hours!"

    Pre "Anyone noticing a little distortion?"
    iPhone "Dust under glass-iPhone 3G"
    BB Curve "My phone ended up just turning to a black screen, HELP!"
    HTC Touch Pro "Sprint touch pro not working right, screen shot."

    Pre "Pre and Heat Issue"
    iPhone "rapid battery drain/hot iphone"
    BB Curve "Battery and heating prob with my 8310"
    HTC Touch Pro "Cool device while charging or teathered to pc"

    Slow response:
    Pre "Well.. I gave it a shot.. I've had it a few hours..It's sluggish"
    iPhone "Any official announcement about the UI problems?"
    BB Curve "Very sluggish/Won't display e-mails at all"
    HTC Touch Pro "Slowing Down"

    Pre "I am a bit disappointed in the hardware. Maybe i had my expectations too high."
    iPhone "This thing is like carrying a tank in my pocket."
    BB Curve "Anyone else think this thing feels cheap?"
    HTC Touch Pro "Does anyone else have a crack in the chrome?"

    Pre "Closing slider crashes phone "
    iPhone "iPhone 3G - hung up"
    BB Curve "BlackBerry CURVE randomly crashes (Common Problem?)"
    HTC Touch Pro "whats CRASHING MY TP running Mighty 5?"

    Pre "I'm Thinking Radio Issues Are Causing Battery Issues"
    iPhone "Sometimes I love my Iphone, other times I want to smash it against a brick wall!"(Reception issue)
    BB Curve "When I hold my 8350i the reception gets worse"
    HTC Touch Pro "Poor Signal While Connected To Data"

    Pre "Keyboard feels loose? Play in design?"
    iPhone "Keyboard Bottom Row MIA"
    BB Curve "Problem with buttons please help!"
    HTC Touch Pro "4th replacement on the way" (Keyboard Problem"

    So after 2 beers and putting this list together, I have decided that even though there are negatives, it will always be that way. I am the one who can decide if the phone is right for me, so, I'll be buying it. No matter what phone is made, there will always be people who aren't happy with it.
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    haha, bingo. Having a touch pro as well, i have had all of those issues listed above.
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    Yeah me too, it was actually the easiest one to find the posts for
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    Honestly, as a very happy Pre user I say go for it. You'll have 30 days to return it if you dislike it. Me though, I'm very happy with it and won't be returning it.
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    Go to a sprint store and play with one. Do what you have to do. A lot of the bs on this forum is stuff I ant believe people are complaining about, like the keyboard or app store. It does have slow moments. The battery is going to need to be charged every night. The bottom of the screen can have some light leak that you can notice in rare situations. But its still an amazing operating system and phone.
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    Its the same crap for every release of every phone. People that were here and having a good time waiting for the device, for the most part, move on and enjoy their device returning for tips and tricks / hacks but nothing like it was prior to release.

    Those that remain, on average, whine and act like they need a nap and a bottle of midol.
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    I wish I could play with one but they closed our (Only) Sprint Store last month so I am going to have to get it without playing with it. But, it looks sweet so its worth the shot.
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    Exactly. These issues are endemic to smart phones with 3g radios and large touch screens. I think it will continue to be an issue until some of the newer chipsets like nVidia's Tegra make their way into phones. Battery life is one of the things hardware manufacturers are working hard to improve.
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    Agreed. How can anyone rant about flaws/bugs in a revision 1.0 device??? You are an early adopter! You knew the risk!

    Heck, my 755p (almost) fixed all the issues and completed the feature set originally promised in my former 600 and 650's. So, it took 3 hardware (and minimal software) revisions to get it right. I will be patient for the folks at Palm to fix the glaring issues.

    Reading the posts, it's clear too many people are focusing on the minutia of the UI. If you take a step back, you can see that the engineers designed the Pre properly from the ground up. As a programmer, I appreciate the multitasking ability, networking, and screen hardware. At the same time, seeing the rough edges and inconsistencies around some apps, it's clear they were in a time crunch to get it out the door before Apple's WWDC and presumed new iPhone announcements.

    Useless Copy/Paste? Fine. Can wait for integration into non-editable text.
    Lack of Flash? No smartphone has it yet, anyway.
    Slow, clumsy calendar? That's why I used DakeBk on my Treo! I can wait for a new interface.
    Lack of apps? There were NO 3rd party apps for the original iPhone!!! Once the SDK gets out there, look for some amazing stuff.
    Classic doesn't work right! Ok, fine. They'll get it right soon. But, by then, you'll be using the native webOS apps.
    Lack of multiple cards for each chat? I'm sure that will be fixed soon.

    I'm the first to admit the iPhone is very cool. But using it, and realizing the limitations handed down by Apple, I didn't bite. And certainly, seeing how the majority of iPhone owners go ga-ga over silly little non-productive apps, I knew I wasn't missing anything. Software version 3.0 will presumably offer 'background' tasks, but clearly not to the level the webOS will allow.

    The Pre has re-energized my interest in mobile devices and what can be accomplished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emair View Post
    Agreed. How can anyone rant about flaws/bugs in a revision 1.0 device??? You are an early adopter! You knew the risk!

    The Pre has re-energized my interest in mobile devices and what can be accomplished.
    Exactly. While the Pre is not currently 100% of what I need it to be, I expected these unknowns going in. Also, with the new Palm development team and do-or-die state of the company, I was sure the problems wouldn't be as bad as previous first gen Palm releases (which I've suffered through a couple of times). The Pre, and its development possibilities, has made me excited again for mobile tech and smartphones.
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    OP - Nice way to put things in perspective... The Pre is a beautiful ver.1 phone. It will only get better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCal65 View Post
    OP - Nice way to put things in perspective... The Pre is a beautiful ver.1 phone. It will only get better.
    nicely put

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