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    When I touch the higher half the of the screen it kinda moves in, it's annoying. Anyone else? I think it just started doing this today.

    edit: It's weird, it doesn't happen all of the time.
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    Do you mean when its open, like the slider mechanism is loose, and its "bending" in? The slider?

    Or when its shut and it's like the phone itself is "loose"?
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    When it's shut. Sometimes when it's shut and I touch the higher half it gives in. Other times it doesn't. I theorize that maybe it's not locked into place when I slid it down the last time or something, I don't know. Just wondering.
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    It really doesn't happen to me any longer because I started touching it lightly. This is the first "capacitive" screen device Ive owned so I have to make a conscious effort to remember its not "resistive".

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