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    I've been reading all these depressing threads about how people's Pre's are not working properly. Maybe it's too early to tell, maybe I'm being naive or ignorant, but I feel like my Pre is working exactly as expected. I havn't had any problems with it whatsoever. Anyone else's Pre working just fine?
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    Same here...I have been a silent observer because everything is working perfectly for me.
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    Mine too. No issues at all with the phone or any aspect of it so far.
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    Me three.... I'm lovin it!
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    Me four (five technically), lovin it!!
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    Everything A-OK here. Battery seems short-lived and the signal does fluctuate, but I haven't noticed this ACTUALLY affecting anything. Not sure why people are obsessing about it.
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    I would venture to guess that most people's are working fine. It's just that the people who do have issues are the ones who make all the noise. I have had the issue with heat buildup, but I don't think I'm in the majority, and otherwise the phone is spectacular
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    People who have issues will always be more vocal (and should be!).

    Forums should be used to help others and report problems (so that palm can get feedback)
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    Same here, Im a little disapointed in the batter life but Ive been using the thing non stop for almost 3 days now.
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    This is natural. Companies rarely hear from happy consumers. I do customer service, no one calls me unless they have a problem. It's easy to think that our service sucks, or installs don't go well, because all I hear is complaints, but we only hear from 2-5% of the customer base. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Every one else thinks we're the greatest since sliced bread.
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    Mine works perfectly! This is far more than a phone, it's just amazing!
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    No issue with mine. Lovin every minute I have used it so far.
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    Not issues to report here.
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    Works perfect! Everything I hoped it would be!!
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    My only issue was with updating and a reboot fixed that. There is a tiny bit of light leakage along the bottom but I will deal with it for now. I still have 28 days to swap if it proves to be more than a minor cosmetic flaw.

    Otherwise I'm just waiting for the apps to start rolling into the store. Third party apps should fill in a lot of the gaps in out-of-the-box functionality much like on Windows Mobile, Android and mobile OSX.
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    me 69, but i dont have it yet
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    I'm lovin it and its givin me a whole lot of lovin.
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    Aside from the battery draining rather quickly, I've had no problems here! love the phone!
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    I am smooth sailing! Love this phone!
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    mine is cool, no issues.
    I'm a Pre gal now
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