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    So far so good for me. I did just spot one dead pixel. But its nothing for me to freak out about. If it does bug me I will return it for a new one. Other then that everything is running smooth. Love the new apps so far too!
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    I haven't had any hardware-related issues, the built quality seems fine to me, even the USB door, once you figure how to open it, doesn't seem like an issue (actually, after seeing Engadget's Touchstone article and how it "may" cost as little as $5/each, I may sell me and just get an extra USB cable).

    Soon enough there'll be options from China/etc.

    However, the software needs a serious tightening up. I always believed, as an early adopter, that I would have to deal with those, so I'm not too bummed out about it. With OTA updates, Palm can (hopefully, if they move their behinds) quickly beam out patches.
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    Other than battery life being a bit low, mine has been working perfectly. Couldn't be happier!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBLOM View Post
    Other than battery life being a bit low, mine has been working perfectly. Couldn't be happier!
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    I love my pre I have had no issues as of yet I also love the keyboard !
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    Love my Pre!
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    mine is fine. Good battery life, no problems with screen either.
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    loving mine..After attempting to use a bb storm since Nov..The Pre
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    My Pre works perfect. No problems. Loving it.
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    Rebooted once after freezing up. Otherwise works just fine.
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    I am almost afraid to post on this thread...I hope this doesn't jynx me.
    I am loving my pre, working without flaw.
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    Mine is perfect. I'm anxiously awaiting the Pre2.
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    Another perfect Pre here. Initially, I thought battery life would be an issue because of how quickly it ran down the first day. But, that seemed to have worked itself out -- maybe with more normal use of the phone. Today, it pushed e-mail all day, I took about 50 pictures, did about an hour of web browsing, used Pandora for a half hour or so, made several short phone calls, and did a little general playing around with the Pre, and the battery was at 30% at 7pm.

    I'm loving it.
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    Just got them yesterday but mine and my wifes pre's are working fine,

    I am already playing second fiddle to the phone, when we went to sleep last night she said
    "I love you pre"
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    All well here . Loveing the phone
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    And one more for a friend who isnt on here as a member! Everyone whos all good need to be on this thread so we can show that the phone is in general doing very well.
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    Bluetooth reception seems very weak.
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    Mine's awesome and just the best device I've ever used.
    I do see some of the lighter shading at the bottom of the screen when it heats up, but only on a dark background and even then it's hardly noticeable.
    If I hadn't read a post about it here I probably never would have seen it.

    I'm so happy I got this thing!
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    Not having any of the problems everyone is having so I'll stay and deal with the growing pains.
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    I'm doing great with mine. Battery life is only about a day, but i'm sure they are going to come out with something for that.
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