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    Quote Originally Posted by cathartic8881 View Post
    mine is cool, no issues.
    So, have you decided to keep it?
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    Love this thread. Finally, positive people talking about a damn great Sprint phone. App store, I'm ready for you. Otherwise, I'm set.
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    Mine works great. I am looking forward to some software tweaks but I am very pleased at this point.
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    No problems here. I'm very happy with it.
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    I'm loving my Pre, and excited to see what else Palm has in store for us
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    Aside from some issues transferring data from my 700p, everything else with the Pre has been great. In all fairness, the data transfer issues had more to do with issues I was having hotsyncing my 700p and once that was resolved, I was able to migrate data to the Pre with no problems at all.

    It took about 45 minutes after using the Data Transfer Assistant for my memos, contacts and calendar information to appear though, so my advice to anyone using the Data Transfer Assistant, is to be patient.

    The Pre has been a great purchase, I am very happy with it. Go Pre!
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    We have three and love them all. No issues at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDD View Post
    So, have you decided to keep it?
    for the time being, I have a 30 day test drive, Im gonna give it a full shot
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eight7 View Post
    Aside from the battery draining rather quickly, I've had no problems here! love the phone!
    Love my Pre, and also am in the group with the heat build up issues but i think its a coverage thing (in and out of roam) ...

    As for the battery, the sticky about battery had a good idea in which i tried and it seems to have helped alot (unless i wasn't playing with the phone as much as i was yesterday lol) just lower down the brightness and make sure the push email is set to at least 1 hour and it should def slow it down (the drain ) even more!

    Did i mention how i love the camera, wow the pics come out amazing, where is video recording, i cant wait for that ...

    I hope also as a side not reception does get better as it is somewhat lower quality than say my Centro picked up prior, so hopefully its a Sprint thing and not a Pre thing ...
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    Mine is working very well, too.... Better than expected, actually. So far, it's a great device.
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    Perfect here.
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    I've one dead pixel on the lower left side but it's not really noticeable. Otherwise I'm very happy with the phone. Everything seems to work great and I'm in love with the work flow of the UI. I mean, I was on twitter, pandora, facebook and this forum at lunch and it was so freaking easy to navigate back and forth.
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    Nice to see positive reports. Hope in due time some of those early problems will be addressed, it only been out to the public for 36 hours!
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    Not one problem with mine at all so far. Synced great with calendars, contacts, photo's and some iTunes.......lovin it!
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    I was about to say yes, mine has worked fine too, but after a restart (a friend claims she called me and it went to voicemail, and it never even rang on my end, so I figured I'd restart just in case), I lost the swoosh sound when you toss the card off screen.

    Another restart, and things were even worse. I tried calling my own voicemail to make sure that was working, and it was telling me voicemail number not found. Trying to call other numbers kept giving me an alert that call could not be completed, and trying to turn on airplane mode kept going forever until I restarted it again.

    ... And now everything is working perfectly again. I don't really get it but whatever.
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    mine works like it supposed too....but I would not call it perfect, they will get there though.
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    Everything is working fine.
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    Mine is 10/10. No stuck pixels, no distortion, no light leakage. Build quality is absolutely stellar IMHO.
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    I'm loving mine. No obvious bugs or hardware flaws. My biggest complaint is that the speaker volume is often a little lower than I would like... but it isn't a dealbreaker or even that big of a concern. It's not like the phone is ever that far out of reach or earshot. Heck, it's barely left my hands over the last 48 hours.
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    All is well over here, too. I do have light leakage and it seems like my slider is a little bit "crunchy" but nothing to bother me too much yet. If it gets worse or starts to bother me I have TEP and I've been able to get free replacements for stuff like that before.

    Phone / WebOS is working GREAT. Just needs more 3rd party apps, hope that SDK is released soon!
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