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    1. How do you copy and paste with the shortcuts shown on the menu? I thought it was touch plus c, but it doesn't work

    2. Anyway to drop down the menu with the keyboard? I tend to select other things but the menu sometimes.

    3. Email notifications with sound. Are these messed up? or reversed by mistake?

    4. Is there an easy way to launch the camera?

    5. Is there a compressed view for the browser? I thought there was a mobile view.

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    1. the shortcut symbol that looks like a dot with ripples is the gesture area. so the shortcut for copy is gesture area + C and for paste it's gesture area + V

    2. nope, but it would be nice to have because i run into the same issue too.

    3. not sure what you're asking there... but i have noticed that the email notification won't let me choose sound AND vibrate which is something i like to have.

    4. yes. i just put it in the launcher so it's always available using the quicklaunch wave

    5. i've never been a fan of mobile/iPhone specific views. i want the full internet on my phone, not some slimmed down version where someone else decides for me what should/shouldn't be shown.

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