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    I think my phone is still implementing the DTA but I'm gonna ask anyway. I have tasks / appointments that are coming up and it keeps asking me to "Dismiss" or "Snooze." I don't want to Dismiss because several events don't happen for another couple days.

    I was wondering:

    A. how long until the "Snooze" goes off again...

    B. is there a way to say "Don't go off again until XX mins/hours/days/weeks/months/etc"

    Thx in advance!
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    A selectable snooze would be ideal. I find that the snooze provides an automatic 5-minute snooze. Being able to choose from multiple snooze options (5/10/15/30 minutes, etc.) was the main reason that I went with DateBk for my old Treo 650, and I *really* miss this feature!!

    Hopefully an app will come out soon to address this continued oversight by Palm.
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    I find this to be a huge issue with me. I used to use calendar reminders all the time for stuff like holidays where I have it remind me a week in advanced and then I snooze the reminder for like 3 days at a time. Not being able to choose snooze options in is a BIG oversight. I REALLY hope they fix this in the next update b/c my memory sicks and I really depend on my reminders.

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