Looks like there isn't as many issues as the Blackberry Storm had at Launch..

There are obviously going to be issues... and the Pre def has MUCH LESS issues then the Blackberry Storm had at launch.

Laggy buggy software was the biggest issue.. the phone not knowing it's orientation, freezing on calls, click screen not working.. and EVERY SINGLE Storm has light bleed from the bottom buttons. Also there is a groove inbetween the screen and the actual case of the phone... mine is now full of dust.

So far for the Pre there are a few units with light bleed, some crashing, and some units with defective "slider" mechanisms.

Overall MUCH better launch then the storm...

But i do have to say this Phone is LOCKED down.. barley any options to do anything.. This is a "dumb" smartphone. But i do understand what Palm is doing, and why, iPhone is very similar in that respect, not to many options to confuse people. The masses really aren't that smart. the BB Storm has vast amounts of menus and customizable features and settings.. But this Palm WebOS will grow, and next few devices will only get better..

No email search is a real killer.. And when all is said and done... i only want my Outlook contacts synced to my phone... facebook is full of people that i don't talk to that much... thats what facebook is for.

Why no legit facebook app? that actually sends out a ping if someone has sent you a message? The Storm had a crippled Facebook app.. but it actually sent out alerts that someone has msg'd or poked you.

again i think this is a dumb smartphone.. not sure if i'm going to return it.. I suffered through a lot with that stupid blackberry storm, so now i'm somewhat attached. I miss my Treo650