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    I've had Sprint for over 10 years with 8 phones personally during that timeframe personally, 4 phones for my wife, and another 4 phones for other family members added to my plan. Phone manufacturers for those phones included Palm, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and possibly others. None of the phones we've had were able to hang up on a call waiting call or confirm for us that the other call was gone via the handset display. Many of them weren't smart phones, so maybe we didn't expect them to know what they were doing with call waiting, but of mine, 7 of them were Palm/Handspring phones. I would have expected Palm to get it right by now if they were trying at all.

    It might be coincidence, or it might, more likely, show that this legacy CDMA network, although fast and clear, doesn't support that feature.

    Doesn't it seem weird that 10 years and CDMA (if this is really a CDMA issue) has not evolved yet to let users conference calls or drop select parties from a conference call or any easy permutation/combination which GSM phones can. Sounds weird.
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    Geez. And people wonder why Sprint is going down the tubes.

    1. Implement simultaneous data and voice.
    2. Implement proper call waiting.

    This should have been done 5+ years ago on Sprint. Will WiMax fix this? If not, I don't see how Sprint will be able to survive another 10 years. These are now basic features that people expect and they must be remedied.
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