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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    If they only made 150,000 (where did I read that?) That's pretty decent...
    I believe they made 500,000

    but could only use 150,000 of them due to manufacturing issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    I believe they made 500,000

    but could only use 150,000 of them due to manufacturing issues.

    Ok, I giggled.
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    Nice, go palm!
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    Frankly I'm a bit disappointed. Was hoping for 200-300K the first couple days. Sounds like the manufacturing issues are pretty severe.
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    Does this include the returned/exchanged units?
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    Kupe is right. If the signal issues aren't dealt with soon, how many of the 150,000 will be returned?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    I believe they made 500,000

    but could only use 150,000 of them due to manufacturing issues.
    no- they wanted to make 500k but could only get 150k.

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    Great news! now lets get that number up to 1 million
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    Anybody know if you return your Pre, will you be able to purchase again in 4-6 months once they work out the kinks, I was a new line activation on my spouses Sprint account. Major issue for me is network signal (constantly have dropped calls) other than that, I'm loving the Pre. And of course I mean re-purchase under the same terms $199 with 2 year contract, or is that a one time offer.
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    Hi all of you lucky Sprint users, that you could get yoru hands on a Pre! I am with V and will wait and see what the difference is between the 2 companies versions of the Pre, before I dedcide what to do.

    In the meantime, does anyone have any idea how many Pre have been sold so far???
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    probably only around 120,000 so far. It's not known whether Verizon is getting the "PALM PRE". Sprint/Palm exclusivity is still not known. For all we know, it could end up being 2 years.
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    No one (except Sprint and Palm) know for sure but most analysts have said over 100k. My question is how many WOULD palm have sold if they would have had the supply to meet the demand? I know every sprint store in my area still has loooooooooong *** waiting lists.
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    I put myself on the waitlist on the 9th and just got my pre today. Things are slow going. I wonder how long it will take to cycle through the 1st months worth of waitlisters.
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    So far, I've been on the waiting list a full week for my second line upgrade. It's ridiculous that the supply isn't there for such a popular event
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    I've counted 176,294 so far. That's sold to consumers, not shipped to stores.
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    It's gotta be well over 100K. Most estimated the the first weekend.
    Sprint store are getting a few each day and they sell as soon as they arrive.
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    Palm is having a quarterly investor conf. call on Thursday at 4 PM ET. The how many pres sold will be question #1 on the analysts agenda in that call.

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    heh, and Apple sold 1 million 3GS's this weekend...

    Come on Palm, you need it!
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    The main reason for the short supply is that Palm wasn't supposed to release the phone till the 29th of June. At my store the original story was May 15th but if supplies were short it would be June 29th. Looks like they split it halfway and just decided to suck up the shortages.
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    The number of iPhones relative to Pres seems to be largely irrelevant considering they're on different carriers for the time being. Palm doesn't need to be competitive with the iPhone at this particular juncture, nor should they be expected to be. They just need to solidify the platform, work out the kinks and get the developer stuff rolling. Releasing on Verizon and to a lesser extent AT&T early next year is going to be instrumental as well (if Sprint has Palm locked much longer then through the end of 2009, I wouldn't be very confident in Palm's future). Apparently Apple can add a few features every year and sell millions of phones. Good for them.
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