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    All the stores in my area are sold out. I had to ASK to be put on a waiting list.
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    It was a controlled launch, but lets not forget there was no TV ads for the Pre before launch.

    Basically they are waiting for inventory levels to increase before starting to push it to general public.
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    But to sell 50k with really no advertising is pretty impressive imho
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    Quote Originally Posted by miles4000 View Post
    It was a controlled launch, but lets not forget there was no TV ads for the Pre before launch.

    Basically they are waiting for inventory levels to increase before starting to push it to general public.
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    member this was just one day - SATURDAY only.

    being compared to Apple is both a curse and a gift.
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    I will be curious to see how many were even shipped. 50,000 is pretty good for 1 days work if they only shipped 50,000. If they shipped 200,000 (not likely), than that is pretty terrible.

    I am going to assume that they sold out pretty much their entire inventory since I haven't heard of any store still having any stock (except for a few stores that held a unit or 2 back for replacements)

    And as others have stated, that is with almost 0 advertising.
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    Plus those are estimates, not official numbers
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    online WSJ quotes analyst who estimates 75K-80K of which 80% were to existing Sprint customers.
    Doesn't say how the analyst got those numbers.
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    Other analysts estimate different numbers.

    Palm Pre Supplies Are Scarce in Phone’s Debut Weekend (Update2) -

    Estimates Vary

    Palm may sell about 150,000 Pre phones over the weekend, said Lawrence Harris, an analyst at CL King & Associates in New York. He has a neutral rating on the stock.

    Michael Walkley, an analyst at Piper Jaffray & Co. in Minneapolis, put the number at almost 200,000. He advises buying Palms shares. Paul Coster, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York, estimated weekend sales of more than 50,000.
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    1. Not offficial numbers.

    2. An Anlyst guess of "exceeding 50k"
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    as noted- its what they sustain in terms of sales levels.

    And you should start to see Pre advertising - online at least- I spoke to the media buyer for Sprint for biz - i sell online - and they indicated that they made a big buy starting Saturday forward for the pre. Did not sound huge - no home page take overs like you see with Apple on NYTimes- but some home page stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loonytunes View Post
    But to sell 50k with really no advertising is pretty impressive imho
    i can imagine that's what the heads at marketing department will say as they are walked out the door.

    the phone was being touted as a game changer and iphone killer and all that and sprint really needed to come out all guns blazing and they didnt. no excuses really because if you are going to set a date before the apple conference then you should have palettes of phones ready and advertising up the wazoo.

    at least have matched verizons energy with the storm and you could see how important it was to come out best they could because you could see the fear in their eyes in verizon and blackberry to come out with a phone to help with the bleeding. So you know Sprint is in real dire need of this phone.

    50,000... eh... that's nothing.... but then think of the million+ subscribers lost to ATT and as well as Verizon per quarter? Verizon moved 500,000 Storms in first month. Apple sold 2.4 MILLION in one quarter.

    honestly I think Sprint needs to move as much product as Verizon did with Storm to be labeled success. Palm needs it too. Anything less is not and no matter if we find out the 3rd gen phone is just memory upgrade, they will still beat those numbers in one hour.
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    I just looked at the app catalog, and the most popular app there Pandora was downloaded almost 40,000 times. So I think the total sale is probably closer to 100,000-150,000.
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    You've got to view this realisticly.

    There was little to no Television Advertising which is really where you're creating a lot of the buzz with "mainstream" people.

    They were not selling (well, not supposed to) to anyone that couldn't qualify for the rebate. So outright sales, from wht I underestand, were supposed to be disallowed (I actually saw a poor guy who was waiting with me at a store in Northern Va get turned away because of this).

    There wasn't any online sales.

    All things considered, 50k is a nice number. If they can get some word of mouth going now, some TV advertising, and get inventory back up to have essentially a second "launch" of sorts, they'll be fine.
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    Not too shabby. I do hope the stocking issues are legitimate, and that Palm isn't going to try to play the same silly game Nintendo did with the Wii supplies. The sooner they get the phones out there, the faster the app store will grow, etc.
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    This is great news for Palm and us.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." L. Ron Hubbard
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    We do know there are atleast 57612 in the wild.... thats the number of times pandora has been downloaded. (which is the biggest one so far)
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    If they only made 150,000 (where did I read that?) That's pretty decent...
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