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    Has anyone been able to view their Panasonic webcam, via their global ip provider viewnetcam, on the Pre?

    It worked on my 755p in the browser, but it doesn't seem to work on the Pre's browser.
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    is that a flash plugin inside browser?
    no flash support
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    I don't think it requires flash - and my 755p never had flash, but the webcam displayed fine on that phone.
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    Anyone get this to work? I can see still images, but not the video feed.
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    No live feed, but I can select update every 10 seconds and it is at least usable. You are able to click on the image to move the camera.
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    How did y'all get the still image to work?
    I emailed the still link and still get Unable to Load Page.
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    I never got it to work on my 755p or Pre.

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