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    My school's domain is Anyone with this domain or any domain using Gmail services this will work. Actually this would push almost any email address.
    You have to set up a new gmail account. So head over to and do so. If you want to merge it with your current gmail address, that's okay too. But my school email are pretty important and don't want to mix with all that junk.

    Now log on to your school email system. On the upper right hand corner, hit "Settings."

    Your settings might default to the General tab. Click on the link "Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Check the radio button to the left of "Forward a copy of incoming mail " and Type your new, or old Gmail addres, whichever you prefer. Click on "Save Changes."

    Now go to your phone. Click on the little airmail (email) symbol Then tocuh the "Email" tab on the top lleft. "Preference & Accounts," "Add An Account" button. Type your new, or old Gmail address, whichever you prefer. It will automatically set up your email address on your phone for you.

    While you are still under preference & accounts. click on your new EMAIL address. You may want to enable show notification, and if it's a low volume and important account, enable sounds. On your Reply to address, you can leave it as is. Or put your school (or the address you are forwarding)email address.

    Where it says sync Click on the blue "get email" Check "as items arrive."

    You are done.

    The reason that you may have to do this, is because your schools authentification system may not use googles, therefore the IMAP won't work.
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    Forgive me if my English is poor, but that's not my forte.

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