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    you're a dope if you use your upgrade to but the centro when you can get them for $100 give or take on ebay. there's bound to be something new to try in the coming year. buy a cheap centro to give your sister and get yours back if that matters for insurance purposes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RenardRouge View Post
    I agree with the OP's sentiments, for the most part. Now I'm just not sure if I want to go back to my Treo 650, or spend a little to get a 755p or Centro
    Either the 755 or the CDMA Centro will be a big improvement over the CDMA 650. More stable & 3G data speeds.
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    Its basically a question of cutting the cord with PalmOS and going with a 1.0 OS that needs time to mature. Its also a question of knowing your needs before trying something new. There was enough info and signs from Palm that things were going to be different with this OS.

    I'm also a long time PalmOS user but lately I was only using it as an option to check emai, browse and IM when I didn't have my laptop with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billybennett View Post
    Why do people insist on posting these stories? They aren't looking for a second opinion... just complaining.
    Gekko is not complaining. He is sharing is experience with the hope that it may be of value to another user.

    The same thing he has been doing here for a LONG time.
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    I respect people's opinions, but critiques like this baffle me because many of the criticisms are about what the Pre is rather than what it does or doesn't do - which means it never could've worked for you.

    #4, 9, 11, 13, and 15 are conceptual "problems" that can never be "solved." The other things range from individual technical issues (e.g. #1, which is isolated. I - and most others - have no such issues with the call quality) to features and tweaks that will come later and that almost no new OS has right instantly.

    When a handset has that many strikes against it before you even power it up, it's nearly impossible for it to succeed in your eyes, I should think.
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    Wow. I'm assuming the OP is extremely old or something. Dude, stop crying and ADJUST to new technology! Seriously, you just got the phone! It aint perfect but we all know that as time goes on it will get better. Updates will be released. Things will get refined.

    I think you are just mad because it is not your Centro. You though it was pretty but you really really hoped it would turn magically into a centro once it touched your hands. Well genius - it is not a Centro, or a Treo, or an iphone. It's a Pre. It does what it does. You knew that before you bought it!

    Geez! I'm sorry folks but I hate it when people create a whole new thread just to rain on everyone else's parade. If you are gonna downgrade your phone back to a Centro why not just do it ... quietly. Why do you need a pat on the back from another member first??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    Either the 755 or the CDMA Centro will be a big improvement over the CDMA 650. More stable & 3G data speeds.
    Agreed. 755p was an excellent upgrade for me from my old 650. I don't miss it at all now however as (for me) the pre is an excellent upgrade from the 755p.
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    i say give it some more time. you're probably quick to give up on the pre mostly because it's something you're not used to. i actually thought about returning the pre because i kinda felt the same way about switching from my winmo device. i had my treo700wx for about 3years and it just didn't feel right using another phone with a different OS, but the more i use the pre, the more i get used to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili View Post
    Look dont be fan boys some of you.
    Every single one of these are valid points.
    For casual users, this phone is great. For people looking to replace their iPhone even these phones are great because I had an iphone for a month and as a Business power user, the iPhone was and still is useless to me and while the Pre isnt AS useless to me, its still no good to do what I need which is to be able to do things very rapidly. This is about efficiency for me not playing with a new experimental beta toy.

    I will challenge anyone to beat me on my Centro in a speed test with a pre on regular day to day activities with one hand while running around in an airport or while driving down the highway which includes copy and pasting with one thumb. Having the contextual menu button removed really slowed down straight up efficiency without a doubt.

    (don't tell me you don't text/google maps/contact search + drive ever because you know you have)

    Now it has just become that much more dangerous because the Pre really requires your full attention to do anything one handed with the keyboard open without dropping the thing.

    This sucks.. i really looked forward to this phone.
    oh well,
    I can beat even BB using my 800W for texting.

    But the camera, browser and ability to switch between apps is something missing consistency in WinMo / Palm OS.

    Every phone has issues , can you live with it is the question you have to answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    my issues -

    1. Sound Quality of Phone - Awful hissing and humming in background.

    There is a fix for this one

    2. i like the Contacts, Calendar PIMs of the old PalmOS. it just works. the webOS PIMs aren't as clean, simple, intuitive, and easy as PalmOS.

    Can't help it there , get used to the new way.

    3. keyboard - while the keyboard isn't smaller than Centro, it is more uncomfortable to use. why? the end of the keyboard is sharp and it slices at my hand sometimes when i try to type. the sides are sharp too. also, the whole keyboard piece (that bottom of the phone) is thin and hard to hold vs. a candy bar. and the device is not balance properly when open. i always feel like i need two hands to use it. unwieldy and flimsy.
    Agree , but third party on screen keyboard will fix it.

    4. slider - i'm tired of opening an closing it to get at the keyboard.

    Agree , but third party on screen keyboard will fix it.

    5. responsiveness consistency unpredictability of WebOS - it didn't always do what i wanted it to do. i'd press a button and sometimes it would respond and other times not. Centro PalmOS might be simple but it JUST WORKED. WebOS has a mind of its own. OS gets shaky and chuggy and wobbly and it scares me holding my data. it was also unpredictable - many times doing a different thing for the same action.

    Can be fixed with update.

    6. battery life sucked. abysmal. all of this pushing and pulling and synergizing has a price.

    wait for SIEDIO to release a larger capacity battery.

    7. multitasking - what multitasking? saving and icon to be brought up later is not multitasking! on my old Centro i can listen to STREAMING RADIO like Pockettunes while i surf the web or do email. i can't stream Sprint TV/Radio and do something else on the Pre. havent tried Pandora but i want live radio stations! and i opened up like 5 basic cards (3 were PIM) and it made me shut them down WTF? jumping back and forth from card to card with a hefty elay is not fun multitasking for me.

    You need more time with this one .

    8. WindowsMedia Streaming - i like bloomberg radio etc. - can't stream it on PRE! Centro had no problem with WMA streams!

    Can be fixed .

    9. Synergy - i don't like it. i want a CENTRALIZED MERGED location for my data and the ability to move it whereever i want. with Pre/WebOS - in EAS my data is trapped in that EAS work server account. if i leave my employer, i better TRY to back up the Outlook data from the Outlook side in the nick of time. because once i'm disconnected from that server - the data is trapped in the PRE and no way to get it out. i don't like this. with Centro, all i have to do is change the EAS settings to a new server and sync and i'm good to go. can't do that with PRE. it puts my data in a locked proprietary silo that i can't get at.


    10. Google Calendar/Contacts - suck.

    Can be improved , and will be improved with updates.

    11. Lack of SD Card - sucks. i want to Auto Backup my data to SD.


    12. flimsy/clumsy USB door - yeah i can use touchstone to charge it but what about in the car?

    This is bad. Agree workaround , be careful when using it

    13. No 5 Way - i miss that easy simple navigation. poking around with my finger is inaccurate and clumsy.


    14. No "Select All" in Copy/Cut/Paste. sorry that Orange/Shift Key dance doesn't cut it.


    15. Gesture area - annoying. holding the device i hit it all the time and do stuff and launch stuff i dont want to.

    you will improve with practice.

    16. intermittent charging failure is a problem. i can't have a device that sometimes wants to charge and sometimes doesn't. not sure if this is a software or hardware bug but i'm tired of trying to track it down. my phone is my lifeline and i cant have a phone that sometimes wants to charge and sometimes doesn't.

    Can be fixed with updates

    17. Browser - seems great at first but the font is so small - in tired of constantly pinching and squeezing.

    Nope , disagree

    best wishes and good luck to all!
    gekko, you have been an enthusiastic member so far, think of this way ,
    no phone is ever gonna solve all issues. Pre has a better browser, itunes sync ( if you care) and a far better camera.
    The rest can be fixed.

    and BTW wait for the extended batteries from third party folks.

    I hate to admit that , I love my 800W now and appreciate the one handed usage of it. But it crashes everyday and the browser is simply not in the same class as pre.
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    Some of the criticisms are valid (eg PIM deficiencies), but it does lose credibility when many of them are things that Gekko should have been aware of before purchasing the Pre. And 3 days is probably not enough time to make the judgement.
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    Some people are just not early adopters. The OP clearly isn't. He was expecting WebOS to be PalmOS Plus (Everything palm os does plus more). It isn't going to be, that's why they launched the classic app with the device.

    I don't have an issue with anything he listed (they don't bother me enough to make me dislike the phone). Especially number 1, maybe he has a defective device.

    The real clencher is that almost everything in his list is an easy OTA update fix that just requires patience - and that goes back to not being an early adopter.

    Other things, like 11, he knew before he bought the phone, and he just wants to complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahili View Post
    I will challenge anyone to beat me on my Centro in a speed test with a pre on regular day to day activities with one hand while running around in an airport or while driving down the highway which includes copy and pasting with one thumb.
    Please turn in your driver's license ASAP.

    This sort of cr*p gets people killed.
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    This is actually one of the better threads. When we can get some fair side by side comparisons, and for me, to the Centro, then we're getting somewhere. I'm not usually an early adopter anyway, but since I'll wait for VZW to snag this, I can be patient. Plus, I still love my Centro except for the teeny screen. So, personally, thank you. We all have 'deal-breakers' and you don't know what yours is until you face it sometimes.
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    Wow, I was surprised with this post. gbp answered most of your concerns as I would have save the keyboard. I like it, I like the slide and I can't even hit the top or even notice sharp edges unless I try to. The weight and balance is great when the kb is open for me. My phone seems to work fine - and paired with the Voyager Pro - sounds great (coming from a Touch Pro it is an improvement). The battery is improving daily, IMO.

    What really surprises is you came to these conclusions in less than 48 hours. The Pre is pretty much completely different for me from my Touch Pro, some I like and some I don't, but I am giving it at least a week!
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    Yeah, I would say that all you early adopters who expected this thing to walk on water and are now deeply disappointed...give it some time. Like dating, it takes a while to get to know someone/something, esp. something as complicated as a woman. Oh, I mean Pre. It took me a couple weeks to really begin appreciating the Centro. Just glad that I never have to send a card.
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    People who bash the "new" without without giving it a reasonable amount of time risk going the way of the dinosaur.

    Very confusing post. How long have people been complaining about POS's need for a rewrite? Now we have it. The new OS is AMAZING! So it lacks a few features. Those missing things are mostly software and they will come. Palm is not new at this. They know how to write PIM software -- they were the first to make a PDA that anyone actually used seriously. WebOS has potential that's light years ahead of POS, but it's brand new.

    For us early adopters (and in particular those of us who have use PDAs and smart phones) there is an adjustment period. There are two points to consider:

    - Give yourself a reasonable time to get used to something different.
    - Give developers a reasonable time to get their software out.

    I remember when I first got Windows XP. I absolutely hated it. Then I grew to love it. When my new PC came with Vista, and all the negative hype, I hated it without even seeing or touching it. But I also remembered my experience with XP. Today that computer still has Vista and I would not think of downgrading it to XP. It was a little painful at first but eventually the drivers came and I got used to how it works.
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    Gekko, I really think you should give it a few more days. You went to a lot of trouble to set up for this device, give it more than two days. You've got 30 days to try it out.

    Also, if you'd rather not go through using your upgrade for a Centro, my daughter has a very good condition 755p (she switched to an iPhone a few weeks back) she'd sell. Contact me in a PM.
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    Thanks for your post. I agree with many others here that you should give it more time, but I respect your opinion, and wish you well.

    Truly, there ARE things that could be done with PalmOS that webOS is not (hopefully, yet) capable of doing. And there are a lot of old habits that have to be erased and new ones created in order to develop efficiency. I am still hitting the orange key before commas. It's a change, and there are lots of them to get used to. If you're a business user, and you don't have time to think about what you're doing, changing is difficult. So I don't blame anyone for keeping their comfortable shoes on.

    Having said that, I am discovering the more time I spend with my Pre, the more I like it. I am getting used to the new ways of doing things. Except for selecting text, I can do everything one handed that I used to do on my 755p (but please note that it took a hack to get PalmOS to select text with one hand). It just takes some practice. You even have to learn how to hold it differently. Everything is different. But I am adjusting, and while I was feeling like maybe I ought to take it back initially, I am beyond that now, and can see that in the future this device will actually be more efficient than my 755p. It just takes time.
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    Interesting takes. I find them useful and constructive. Helps other longtime users make their choices.

    I've been with PalmOS a long time (remember being excited at doubling my memory when I went from the Palm to the Palm Pro, back when it was all USRobotics stuff) and thus really really want to like the new Palm Product.

    I'm obviously a pretty early adopter, or I wouldn't have over 10 years of Palm use. I'm going to have to wait a bit on this one (currently running a Centro, which I like the form factor on, above my old 650, though I find typing on it a lot harder)

    I love all I see about the new WebOS and am slowly getting used to the idea of a cloud, or aftermarket desktop sync. Slowly adjusting to the idea of it not having removable memory for upgrades, backup, and storage, and that it thus can't, as I long hoped for, merge my mp3 and pda/phone into one device. Big disappointments, but I know that going in.

    I was ready to buy yesterday, as I figure the task sync will get fixed soon via google or other 3rd parties.

    But the lowly old Memo app, and all it's notes not going to any sort of serious memo app (the new WebOS one is truly low horsepower) is, for now, a deal breaker, for me. I have hundreds and hundreds of business / technical notes and specs in the Memopad.

    A 3rd party app or upgraded one from Palm HAVE to come out before I can make the switch. Without that, it's just a not starter.

    I understand the need to renew, and largely cut the cord between PalmOS and WebOS, but to not leave a real way to migrate the data, they've really shortchanged their customers and selves. (dumping 15 categories of notes into 1 of 3 'colors' does NOT count) Heck, I was praying for more categories, but never thought it would drop to 3. Ugh.

    I need some sort of categorized place for all my notes to land. I obviously don't need a very fancy app (Memopad was hardly fancy) but I need SOMETHING.

    And both it and tasks have to be universal-searchable. That was always the awesome thing of my various Palms vs an iphone. And they've dummed it down. That stinks.

    I'm not whining or anti Palm, or particularly asking for much. I'm willing to shift paradigms and change thinking in a lot of ways (cloud, memory slots, charging doors, loss of 5-way, graffiti etc etc) but I can't lose my INFORMATION. That's what a pda is about for a real power user.
    I can't believe the damn new phone twitters, but can't really store substantive new information.

    Just, please, help me get my info moved and organized, and I'll be in line at the sprint store to sign on. Just getting the very basic PIM big-4 to work and be searchable (like say an old m500 even) and I'm on board, money in hand.

    Will soldier on with the Centro a bit longer, and see what I can learn from you guys on improvements and upgrades in the meantime. I bet Palm or the 3rd parties will have the search and memos sorted soon, and I can join you guys for all the fun.

    Happy Palm/WebOSing

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