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    On an unrelated note, thanks so much for posting where the network update was. The Pre has had me with the wrong phone number, and while I received texts and voicemails I could not check my voicemail. Updating the network settings fixed this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by un_designer View Post
    how do you interpret the signal strength in the debug screen?
    Most phones will drop a call around -105 - -110 dBm. If you are standing right by a cell site you will likely be about -50 to -60 dBm.
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    So yesterday I put my Pre in debug mode next to a Sprint Treo 755P also in debug mode and noticed my transmit dbm was 160 at our location while that Sprint Treo was reporting 60 dbm. If this is common for other people then I'd say this could be at least one of the reasons for battery drain. It doesn't happen at all locations but this particular place I was seeing a 10% drop in battery for every 15min of use. Has anyone else been able to perform such a test?
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