View Poll Results: What did you buy on June 6?

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  • Pre + Touchstone

    134 63.51%
  • Pre only

    59 27.96%
  • Did not buy on June 6 but plan to buy Pre + Touchstone

    9 4.27%
  • Did not buy on June 6 but plan to buy Pre only

    6 2.84%
  • Did not buy & do not plan to buy

    3 1.42%
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    A lot of us want to know how many bought just the Pre vs both the Pre & the Touchstone. All of you who did buy and who didnt, please take this poll.
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  2. H_D
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    I purchased both on launch....
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    I purchased both, but they were out of the Touchstones by the time they got to me, so my Touchstone is being directly shipped to me.
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    Please take the poll too so we can keep a good tally. Anecdotally, it looks like a good percentage of people who bough the Pre also bought the touchstone.
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    i wasn't planning on purchasing the touchtone right away, but the i got a great deal so it was a no-brainer. i added my sig other to my account as a 2nd line and was told that i would get a $50 credit that i didn't even know i could get. then, the person in line next to me had a 25% off coupon from somewhere that he said he was going to save for later, so i just asked the sprint salesguy who was working on my account if i would be able to get a discount on accessories since i've been with sprint for close to 10 years now but am not a premier member yet, and he said yes.

    so, between the discount and the $50 credit, the touchstone ended up being like $6 or $7 including tax. i'm very happy i got it, because it's really difficult to pry open the little micro-usb door on the side of the phone to charge.

    i don't have any scientific evidence, but it does feel like charging on the touchstone isn't as fast as plugging in the usb cord directly to the wall outlet though. anyone know definitively one way or another? it might just be a placebo-effect, but it might not. i'd like to know one way or another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trellus View Post
    I purchased both, but they were out of the Touchstones by the time they got to me, so my Touchstone is being directly shipped to me.


    Except shipping wasn't offered... I was told I would be able to pick it up sometime this week with 20% off.
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    I bought both the pre and touchstone and like the touchstone. I do feel that is does not charge a well also. My only real complaint is that the touchstone didnt come with its own charging cable. I was planning on taking the touchstone to work and keeping the original charger for hoe use but now i would have to buy another charger.
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    The Touchstone is so over priced that some at the Sprint store had a hard time not laughing when it was offered (again and again). Same with the car charger at $31! Yes, that is USD!! Oh, and $40 for a leather belt holster? Right, I think I will pass on that for now

    Ok, last jab...if you want to use the Touchstone say at work and the wall charger at home you would have to buy ANOTHER wall charger as the Touchstore does not have a powersupply/cable.
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    Yes, it is expensive but it's so cool that the price doesnt seem to stop people from buying it. So far 2/3rds of those who bought Pre also bought the Touchstone.
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    I purchased the Pre, Touchstone and Car Charger.
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    Bought one Pre and two Touchstones (home and office).
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    My store had 40 Pre's, and only 15 Touchstones! They were soldout by the time I asked for one. I decided against having one shipped to me, though. I may or may not decide to buy it.
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    Yeah, I have read similar reports of there being much lesser number of Touchstones available than Pres. I guess Palm underestimated the Touchstone demand.
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    Pre & Touchstone. Wish I would have bought 2 Touchstones.
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    Pre only.

    I would like to eventually get the TouchStone but 70 bucks and it doesnt even come with its own wall outlet??

    Nevertheless I AM a cool gadget freak so i'll break down and get it sooner or later lol
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    The store I was at sold out of touchstones! I am waiting for the price to go down before I get one.
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    If I had the money I'd get a Touchstone but it's not really a necessity for me.
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    the guy who ran the store I got my Pre from didn't have any Touchstones. When I asked about it, he told me he thought it was the dumbest thing ever. Soon as I left, I went to another store and got one. I love the Touchstone.
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    1st in line at my store. Got the Pre, Touchstone, and car charger. Car charger will probably go back though.
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    I bought the car charger which doesn't work for me and the leather case. I wanted the touchstone but sold out. I want the Palm car charger, it is not hard wired into the cigarette plug...
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