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    So....every treo/centro i've owned came with documents 2 go by dataviz...which allows you to create/edit/save/work with yada yada yada word, powerpoint, and excel files.....does the pre ONLY allow you to VIEW them???? Do you have to purchase the software to be able to edit and work with them???
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    The program included is view-only, correct. Dataviz has been mute on the subject (coy even), but chances are it'll be a paid upgrade to get doc editing/creation.
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    I read an article on the NYT, I believe, that speaks of the upcoming Apps and DataViz is one of them. They just need to get their engineers to figure out a compatible program.

    The Apps are coming, especially with the robust interest and Verizon coming out and saying that they are looking to get into the Pre business by next year.

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