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    Okay, I just had a lengthy hands on at my local Sprint store. Here's what I feel about it. As a disclaimer, I've been following this release avidly since Jan, and I was planning on definitely getting one.

    First thing I was surprised by was how small the phone was, and on a bigger level, the Touchstone. That thing is TINY! I expected it to be 2-3x larger than it was. The phone was resting on it and the phone was uncomfortably warm. I've heard reports of how hot it got, but I was surprised by how extremely warm it was. Felt unsafe almost.

    The phone feels excellent in the hand. This has been reported 1,000 times but I was happily surprised by how pocketable it felt, and the all around good impression it gave me.

    The keyboard felt awful to me, but I'm typing this on a Curve, so I'm biased on that. The keys felt like they were sticking to my fingers, and I had no response to let me know a key was pressed. This was the most disappointing part for me.

    I don't know if it was just the unit I had, but the touch screen wasn't great. I would often try to scroll and it would click a link. Happened 4-5 times.

    Overall I wasn't impressed, which is a huge disappointment to me. I was totally geared to get this phone, and have been talking it up to my friends for months now. I'm hoping with some minor tweaks it can again make me want it, and I realize this is a first release and Palm has done a fantastic job. It's just not what I was expecting, and when I factored out the newness and compared it to my Curve, I'd rather use the Curve daily.

    I know my opinion doesn't mean much, but it's a forum, so I figured the more opinions the better. Thanks everyone who made it this far down.
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    Check out the HTC Touch Pro 2
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    Yeah, I went to my sprint store today to get put on the wait list and finally got to play with one. I'm the second person on page five and there are about 7 names on each one.

    The keyboard opened intuitively one handed, but I like the keyboard of my Treo 755 better. I'm not a power user...just a gadget lover, so some things that are deal breakers for others, won't be for me. I just need to be able to get to, search and add contacts easily and be able to answer the phone and go from browsing to text w/o having to close one and start over. I'm on the fence, now. I REALLY want multitasking. If I can call sprint and get them to make me a deal on my plan, a credit or something so I'm not paying 20 bucks more for a plan where only one of the phones will use data I will definitely switch. I get 100 extra minutes, but I've got a 1400 minute plan now and I never go over 800 or 900.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevelandrocker View Post
    Check out the HTC Touch Pro 2
    Isn't it only coming out on Tmobile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDD View Post
    Isn't it only coming out on Tmobile?
    No...I believe there have been sightings for Tmobile, Sprint, and Verizon...just no release dates confirmed yet...
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    My understanding is that Sprint willl also get the TP2 sometime this year.

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