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    Ok, after charging overnight, I have a better idea about the battery life. I think it is good. Yesterday, my phone would charge quickly plugged into the wall (went from 20% to 100% in less than an hour. But then it drained quickly (100 to 30 in 5 or so hours).

    I am wondering if it wasn't a "true" 100%. I charged it overnight. I have had it off the charger for 3 hours, and had my longest conversation on it today (30 minutes), and it's still at 92%. I am not as worried as I was yesterday.

    Anybody else seeing the same thing?
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    I noticed today that I've been able to do a lot more without the battery draining as fast as yesterday.
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    Also consider that the OTA update and install process many of us went through yesterday probably gobbled a bit of juice.

    I also think it helps to keep wifi off unless you're doing some intensive downloading--I think the switching back and forth from wifi to evdo is a gobbler.
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    I also think the ota update sucked our batteries pretty good and we didn't realize it. I'm seeing much better battery life today than yesterday.
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    I'd say most users need to give it a week or two before they can get an idea of actual battery usage. All the initial playing we are doing on our phones can attribute to the battery seemingly draining fast.

    I'd also recommend to everyone to turn the brightness all the way down for normal usage.
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    My Pre spent all last night on the Touchstone. Today I am also noticing battery drain is slower with about the some amount of me playing with the phone. I hope it gets even better with a little more "break-in" time. We will see....
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    I'm discovering the same; yesterday it was draining rather quickly from 100% down, but after leaving it on the Touchstone overnight I'm getting *much* improved battery life.
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    btw, does anyone know if I can buy an additional battery at sprint stores?
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    It takes a few days before NimH batteries "optimize" for normal usage.
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    But we have Li-Ion batteries
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    But we have Li-Ion batteries
    dont confuse me with your silly facts!!

    But on a serious note I was horrified with my battery life yesterday, of course I was streaming video, audio and webpages over the wireless network like a kid in a candy store. Today is closer to reasonable use and its been pretty darn good.
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    I have already charged it 3 times but it is not any worse than I had on my Centro.
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    Mine isn't as bad as yesterday, when it shut down from 35% charge in about 1/2 hour, but then I turned everything I could off, or down. Backed off on email accounts that were synched and how often. Turned off GPS and Wifi. Turned screen brightness to minimum. Today, I surfed for about an hour and was down 25%. A few hours later, after only making a couple 15 minute calls it was down to 68%. It is definitely draining faster than my 755.
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    What's up with what I am reading here on the Forum where Sprint employees tell people not to take the battery out? WTF is that about? One of the many features that Palm has mentioned about the Pre is the replaceable battery and the fact that you can always carry a spare battery with you! And the reason for not taking the battery out is supposed to be the little strap that you need to pull on to get it the hell!

    I am still waiting on my Pre. My Sprint friend screwed me over and did not do overnight I have to wait until Wednesday!!!
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    I took my iPhone 3g and Pre off the charger last night about 11 o'clock. iPhone had 93% and Pre was at 100%. At 8 o'clock this morning, the iPhone had 83% and the Pre was at 95%.

    So, yeah, for me it seems the battery life should be ok.

    Going to do the forwarding my calls to the Pre thing today to test how it'll last on a regular day. If it'll last the day then it'll do for me since the last time I charged it was last night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    But we have Li-Ion batteries
    Li-Ion, NimH... as long as there's no memory effect like NiCd. But what do I know.
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    I, too, was horrified after charging my Pre all night and going to 13% in five hours this morning. Your posts give me hope.
    One question: to turn GPS off, do I simply turn off "Use GPS" or do I have to turn off all of the other stuff, too (automatic location, etc..)?

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