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    Okay, so Sprint was having trouble transferring contacts to my phone from my 800w. They only got the A's and B's of my contact list. Sprint told me to call Palm and Palm told me it was a problem on Sprints part. They basically said that there is a delay when they transfer numbers and needed to wait longer. Well the phone redeemed itself and for the time being I synced my outlook contacts to google and then synced gmail to my phone. This was a temporary fix to get my contacts into my phone.

    My question is this. Is there a way to save those contacts and make them "Pre" contacts like they were from when Sprint was able to transfer some of the numbers? Are they already that way? If I have to erase my gmail account for some reason I am pretty sure I would lose my contacts again. Is this the case? Do I need to go back to sprint and see if they can transfer my contacts like they should have been able to? I hope this all makes sense.
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    I might just go try sprint.
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