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    Everything good here. Love the phone.
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    FLAWLESS!!! I'm in love!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enlil242 View Post
    My Pre seems to be in perfect shape. I used the Iphone Pixel test while I was getting it set up. iPhone Dead Pixel Test and found it to be free of any dead pixels. Maybe I am not seeing something others see. BUt to me the hardware is top notch.
    Thanks for that, confirmed my two stuck pixels. Grrr. Hardware's perfect otherwise. The pixels aren't noticeable most of the time, but when they are, they bug me. Wonder what Sprint's policy is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by unknownpleasures View Post
    I've been reading and reading and I have absolutely none of the problems that people have been talking about.

    I did notice the battery was pretty terrible the first day, but I drained it to 5% and then back to 100% and it's doing much better today.

    No bleeding of the screen, no distortion, no freezing or crashing.

    I feel really lucky because I have had absolutely no problems.

    It does get hot while its on the touchstone, but it doesn't affect the screen at all. I have just been leaving it on the 'stone whenever I am home.

    Anyone else luck out with a perfect phone?
    Add me to the list. I am super relieved too, because I am *ALWAYS* the one with ALL the problems, including my Treo Pro. I reset mine for the first time since yesterday morning a few minutes ago because I did a PRL/Network Settings update. No crashing, no freezing, no cracks, no screen problems etc. The OS has a few minor bugs, a few missing features from Palm OS, and lots of things I would like to see added, but for a V1, I am completely satisfied. I don't use a touchstone though, so mine doesn't really get hot. I think the touchstone might be the cause of a lot of peoples problems with the screen and heat etc. Mine gets a little warm when on the charger and streaming pandora, Sprint Nav etc. but nothing like my Treo Pro.

    I was worried at first though because the charging cover was STUPID stiff and felt REALLY fragile for awhile, but after a few times of messing with it, it has really loosened up and feels good now.
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    100% puuuurfect!
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    My hardware is flawless. None of the issues mentioned. Trying to determine what a "dead pixel" looks like.

    Software-wise, I can't setup my office exchange, but I'm sure it's because our certificate has expired and Palm offers no alternative. I'll check with our sysadmin on Tuesday if no solution is posted here.

    I'm not trying to connect Google or Yahoo until Exchange is work. Still waiting for a better solution before connecting Facebook.

    Pandora works AWESOME although I'd like to setup more variation from the app instead needing to go online.

    WHERE is my favorite app because I like the whole concept of a portal. Yahoo needs an app like they did for iPhone to solve this unless someone else beats them to it.

    I'll use WHERE instead of Fandango because I don't need to buy the tickets - just know the times. No need for unnecessary apps.

    I had some brief sluggishness, but I think I was trying to do to much. Now I keep it simple although I have frequently used apps open all the time.

    It's time to wait for the firmware fixes, new apps and app updates to round out what is clearly a great platform.

    I posted that PRE v.2 should have a scroll wheel, D-Pad or similar instead of the sole button at the bottom. The way RIMM does it is unobstrusive and adds much to navigation and useability.
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    So far, it's been great. There are a few quirks I'm going to have to get used to, but it's just how the device operates, not a bug or hardware flaw. Derek is in love.
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    I like it but the battery blows
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    Mine was crashing for a little bit. But I tried something.....since the PC or MAC see the PRE as a USB "drive"....why not try and defrag it. After doing this, I had no more crashes......go figure!!!!

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    Can you guys with perfect Pre's post your manufacturing dates?

    Here is how you can tell from your Palm Pre's Serial number (under Device Info)
    h t t p://

    For example, Im 5 N 9, May 23, 2009 -- I have light leakage
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    Mine looks to be 5 1 9, so May 1, 2009, and none of the major issues I've read about.
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    My friend has May 21, he doesnt have light leakage
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    Mine is perfect so far, did that pixel test and all is good, no leakage or distortions. The battery does heat up but when I have my pre charging I have the keyboard slide out and its not as hot with it closed. Best phone ever! I can use this for the 2 years I signed up on.
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    One of mine is about perfect and the other just had a stuck pixel. Both have normal amounts of backlight leakage(low amounts of it) but I'm just sensitive to these things so I learn to live with it. So all in all, got 2 Perfect Pres!
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    Mine has mild light leakage and no dead pixels.
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    Mine works great with the exception of the PDF viewer sometimes failing.
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    I have a perfect pre, it's called an iPhone.
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    No issues...I love this phone!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HAIGAIZ View Post
    I have a perfect pre, it's called an iPhone.
    Wow, how awesome... you registered just to say that? Lucky for us.
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    No issues here either. I've adjusted the settings last night. Took it off the charger @ 10AM and almost 13 hours later of "normal" usage, I still have 35% left.
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