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    I used Companion Link demo and it synced ALL my old calendar from Outlook, including all my Memos from my Palm. Very Easy to Use! Looks like I'll be buying the full version so I can keep syncing back and forth
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    My Preo has worked PREfectly since yesterday. Charged it full last night and it is down to 81% after 6 hours, about eight calls, 20 mins on the web and a 15 mile trip using turn by turn. Had it plugged in for some hours yesterday evening while I played around and explored it to learn it all. You know Seido is in the works with an extended battery. The only complaint I have is not with the phone but with the LACK OF APPS...which will be in abundance when they put out the SDK in August. The PREO itself is more than I expected.
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    My Pre seems to be in perfect shape. I used the Iphone Pixel test while I was getting it set up. iPhone Dead Pixel Test and found it to be free of any dead pixels. Maybe I am not seeing something others see. BUt to me the hardware is top notch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuesoKid View Post
    No issues here. The phone has been great!

    My only minor quibbles have been slightly lower ringer/speaker volume than I would like, but it isn't terrible or unusable.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more apps, but the HW itself seems great. Beautiful screen. Great touch response. Everything feels fast and responsive. I even like the keyboard.

    This is easily the coolest/best phone that I've owned to date.
    I second this mans opinion. No issues here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enlil242 View Post
    My Pre seems to be in perfect shape. I used the Iphone Pixel test while I was getting it set up. iPhone Dead Pixel Test and found it to be free of any dead pixels. Maybe I am not seeing something others see. BUt to me the hardware is top notch.
    lmao that is the worst idea ever! If I have dead pixels that I'm not noticing than good, I don't want something to point them out to me.
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    Another one of those flakey Pres that appears to work as promised!
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    im good here. minus a few pixels, but i dont care about that (its only noticable when the screen is all black, and that is about never)
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    No issues for me either. I just love it. I ca't get my exchange email but it is not the end of the world. I can go into OWA in the worlds best mobile browser . Battery life is bad but it is not any worse than my Centro so I really don't have many complaints.
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    Other than the Sprint rep dropping the phone once on his keyboard. Everything seems to be working fine, even came with 1.0.2 preloaded.
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    Day two and no problems yet! Love this thing, loading music on it now. Going shopping with Miss Philly and want to try out my Motorola S9's with it.
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    My husband and I have been having no problems at all with either of our Pres. We are totally enamoured with them. I had realistic expectations for the Pre and I have been pleasantly surprised ever since we got them!
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    Perfect out of the box and I'm having a blast with it.
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    I LOVE my Pre and don't have ANY problems with it! There are a few things that I have to get used to, but that's the same with any phone you buy, right?
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    No problems at all for once, Im pleased with it and owned the first iPhone that offered less features than this phone and it was $599.

    I think alot of bug/problems will be ironed out in the future.

    Lets face it NONE of the apps would be allowed on the iPhone if it wasnt for the jailbreaking/hacking community that made it so popular. Apple just saw it as a revenue stream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big G View Post
    I think the battery thing is because of our excessive use. I've been trying to use it "normally" today & things are much more on par with my instinct or my old 700p
    You got that right. I am having to restrain myself to let it charge fully. It's staying plugged in until tomorrow morning.
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    No issues.

    If you had the sliding door on the pro you wouldn't want it. Felt like u were going to break the phone opening it.
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    No issues for me at all. Love the phone. Can't wait to se how much further Palm pushes the OS..
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    Zero problems with mine so far (knock on wood)
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    Perfect here Love the Pre almost feel guilty.... Almost!
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    No major issues with mine. Still trying to figure out SSL cert problem for my work email account. I did have long activation problem yesterday (porting number) and SMS sent didnt work, but both problems were resolved by Sprint CS. They were pretty good after hearing all the horror stories about them.
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