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    Well starting too get used to the pre now, But there are a few things that are annoying me, Ill give it 29 days and see. The first thing that is a real disapointment to me is I cant teather now.Why should I pay another 50$ a month for 5gb of internet?because I cant really afford it now thats why lol atleast with my IC902 I used to be able too. The battery does seem too get warm, and battery life will also be another issue as well I think. I do miss having regular buttons typing for text messaging. The keyboard is a little small. Hopefully I will see if I can get used too it. I had an extended battery on my IC902 so I could go for a few days without recharging it. I may end up returning the pre before the 30days is up. I will give it 2/3 weeks and see but hoenstly I dont really think that this is the phone for me. I cant seem too find any phone settings, preferences, stuff like that.
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    I totally get where your coming from ... It is quite smaller than what i am used to ... I also am VERY interested in the HTC Touch Pro2 and what it has to offer ( I just hate WinMo lol ) I too will take it trough its paces and give it 30 days ... Thats at least fair for me and the PRE ... BTW ... The Preferences are within each Application ... for example ... Go into the phone's dial pad to find the phone Preferences .... Go into the Text Application to find those preferences ... And if you find out how to auto comeplete or T9 or change the color of the out going and incoming messages please let me know.
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    WinMo is a non-starter for me. I've tried to get used to it on a number of different devices. Not happening. My personal alternative of choice is BlackBerry.

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