I tried a live unit @ a local Radio Shack.
It had version 1.0.1 software.
Over all is was responsive to the things i tried (Pandora, Sprint TV, Web, Calender). There are certain nuances, but because they are mostly software related, I believe they can be quickly corrected.

The make of the phone is actually pretty good, and beside the fact that the screen is plastic, it is a pretty thick plastic.

The phone is MUCH smaller than my brain calculated from the online images, and the shape is pretty nice. I thought the phrase "it feels really good in the hand" was a cliche , but in this case the Pre really does feel good in the hand.

My only disappointment is the sliding mechanism. It feels solid, but when sliding open with one hand (maybe i was putting more pressure than was needed), the top seem to "catch" the bottom.

FYI. I currently use a Treo 755. Also used a HTC Mogul in the past. Have spent time with Centro and Iphone as well.

I am waiting for the Iphone announcement on Monday before making the plunge. Primarily from a specs perspective, and the hope that the rumor about reduced pricing plan at AT&T holds true.

just my 2 cents