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    This is my first smartphone and I have no problems with this keyboard whatsoever!!jj!!j
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    I used the keyboard once while I viewed the sold-out pre at the store. The keyboard was def usable and I'll deal with it - but I was put off a bit. Does anyone else find the keys hard to press? I feel like I'll get repetitive stress injury by using so much force to press down the keys. The thing I liked about the onscreen iPhone keyboard is that it required zero force and I was able to type with my index and middle finger easily. Of course, I didn't like how the iPhone keyboard took up half the screen space and gave zero tactile feedback.

    I find it odd that we have to use both our thumbs to type on this keyboard - it should usable with the index and middle fingers with a light touch. Bending the thumbs in such an odd shape and pounding on the keys goes against the smooth/gentle zen like pebble nature of the device.

    I don't know how it compares to other keyboard devices since I've mostly been with zero force keyboards..
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    Quote Originally Posted by beret9987 View Post
    I actually have issues with some of the side buttons, the top row feels just fine for my hands, though.
    I too have only problems with the side buttons. Top row is ok for me. I guess it's just how we position our hands. I always have to use my fingernails to type on this keyboard.
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    use you thumb nail, no problem at at
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    Seems to me that there's a lot more space between the bottom row and beading than there is between the top row and the slider. I think that it would have been better if the the keyboard were a bit lower. With the bevel on the bead it would be much easier to get at the bottom row anyway.

    However, all that said. After a few minutes of use, I'm now able to type with any of the keys with no problem. Just took a bit of adjustment to get my thumbs positioned correctly.
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