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    no problems with the top row....
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    Just to add to the discussion I have had many phones over the years and my most recent would be the blackberry curve. I have medium size hands and have zero issues with top row and can be just as accurate if not more accurate on the Pre than the Curve with the only thing slowing me down is getting used to the sponginess of the Pre's keyboard.

    In short- Not a problem.
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    I think the keyboard is fine. Having owned a Treo 600, 650 and 755p and now a Pre, I've needed a few days to adjust to each keyboard (since each one is slightly different). Before long each time, I've completely adjusted to the new keyboard and never looked back.

    From what I can tell so far, the big difference for me between the 755p and the Pre keyboards is the *height* of the keys. The Pre keys are more flush (but not completely flush) with the device. I'm already getting more comfortable using the Pre keyboard and suspect that I'll have zero problems with it within a few days.

    I have average hands, and I've had absolutely no problems with the top row and bumping into the upper part of the slider. This is a non-issue for me.

    The main typing mistakes I have made so far are related to the keys that have been moved from the 755p keyboard layout. I'm frequently typing an underscore when I want a comma, and I'm frequently typing a zero when I want an @ sign. None of this is a big deal to me. I'll have mentally adjusted to the new keys very soon.
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    The top row isn't really a problem for me, either one or two handed.
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    I have never had a phone with a physical keyboard and I was never able to type on the virtual ones or the hardware ones with any accuracy. I can actually type on this and my fingers seem to lay on a few keys and the right one always seems to be chosen. It's like magic I swear;=)

    The TY are a bit tight but my fingers have naturally adapted to that space I think. I was typing almost more with the edge of my short nails and now am more flat thumbing it and I am naturally keeping my fingers lower on the middle row as I go to type on the top. I think that has been my natural adjustment. And it's only day 2.
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    Pre's keyboard > Blackberry Curve.
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    There's no doubt that it's slightly harder to type on than my 700p keyboard, but I haven't had too much trouble with it. Mainly I think the issue is that the device is thin and holding it is a little trickier. Top row hasn't really been blocked at all while typing on it.
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    As I was going into the Sprint store yesterday, I was certain the keyboard was going to be a deal breaker on the Pre. I was willing to compromise on many things, but giving up my every-other-week nail salon visit was not on that list.

    Much to my delight, I am VERY happy with the keyboard experience. It doesn't look like it would be easy to use, but. quite frankly. it is. I don't have have room to spare, but my thumbs move easily and accurately from key to key - even on the top row.

    I never quite got use to the Centro. Too cramped and bad feel for me. I use to miss letters a lot. I figured I just required a larger keyboard as are present on the Treos and most BBs. The Pre has me hooked.
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    Switching from 755p, the top row has been no problem for me. I have big hands (6'5" 280). I have had some problem with the keys being flatter than the 755p, but am quickly becoming accustomed to that, frequently using the thumbnail to type. I'm already almost as fast on the Pre keyboard as I was on the 755P. At first I did not like the different layout, but I'm quickly finding it useful.
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    Thanks for all the responses.
    Sounds to me like many of you (if not all) are using a fingernail, or tip of thumb approach to typing.
    I've always used the top/side pad of the thumb on my treo.
    So my thumbs dont bend that much when typing, and i can type VERY fast on the treo.
    I think the problem is, because of the slider, you really can't continue that approach with 2 hand typing. Adapting to a new technique appears inevitable due to the proximity of the slider. Otherwise, the top of my thumb is banging against the slider.
    I tried the tip-typing but it felt awkward, but maybe I have no other choice.

    Hey, this helps, thanks, feel free to comment further. tks.
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    i actually like they keyboard a lot, coming from a 700p. the concave shape of the keyboard tray makes it easier to hold w/o worrying about it slipping. i can type with one hand very fast also.

    i think it might be typing style... i type with the tip of my finger/fingernail as opposed to the base of my finger. that's because the keys on the 700p are very hard so after a lot of typing the bottom of my fingers get all sore. the pre's keyboard is softer and nicer imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeray View Post
    This isn't mean as antagonistic, seriously, but it seems to me that most of the people who purchased the phone, defend its keyboard.
    The top row keys are easy enough to use. The stickiness of the keyboard is a little off-putting when you first use it, but you'll likely adjust to it quickly. The stickiness appears to wear off over time - I used one of the phones a Sprint employee had been using for a week and it was much easier to slide your fingers across the keys. And no, I have no idea how good his hygiene was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeray View Post
    This isn't mean as antagonistic, seriously, but it seems to me that most of the people who purchased the phone, defend its keyboard. However the people who spent a few hours with the device w/o purchase, seem to have different opinions. We all know its a fact that if you buy something, spend your hard earned money for it, you tend to defend anyone stating anything bad about it, its human, its normal. I tend to do it, i'm sure everyone does at times.

    But what I would really like, is for the people who now own this device, that have owned blackberries, or TREOs, to tell me that the upper row of the PRE is or is not a pain in the A$$ to type on. Step back, be totally unbiased. I ask because I've spent a few hours with the PRE, and I come from a treo 700p, and the top row of the PRE is very difficult for me to type on when using 2 hand typing. 1 hand, its ok, thumb is more horizontal. 2 hands, thumbs are more vertical, and that slider is constantly in my way.

    I'm not dogging anyone, so dont flame, about defending their pre or having an honest opinion. I just want some help, from the owners, who have played longer than I have with it, to say,

    1) yeah - the top row is a pain, but you will truly get used to it,
    2) yeah - the top row is a pain, but the rest of the device overcomes that issue,
    3) no, coming from a treo or BB, this thing works perfectly for me and i have (small, medium, large) hands
    4) yeah, it sux, and i have not gotten used to it after 1.5 days.

    Throw your 2 cents in the ringer if u dont mind. Don't compare the iphone vs PRE etc, i just want to know about the PRE, and the top row. tks everyone!!
    I was thinking of the keyboard issues for the past 2 hours, and I finally came to this conclusion. As someone who came from a storm, and before that a curve I will say, the Pre's keyboard isn't as good. BUT When I'm typing on it......Its like my hands get taken over and I just type....really well with no mistake. I feel like I'm making mistakes, but the word is always spelled correctly and in fast order. I don't like the keyboard as much as my curves, but I have yet to have any ounce of problems with it. So I would say its good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmeray View Post
    Thanks for all the responses.
    Sounds to me like many of you (if not all) are using a fingernail, or tip of thumb approach to typing.
    I've always used the top/side pad of the thumb on my treo.
    So do I. Really haven't had a problem--and I'm surprised as it looks really unusable. Somehow they designed it so there's less fat-thumbing. I don't know how they did it, but they did. My only problem so far is adjusting to new placement of @, comma, period (and not having to use the Alt key for the comma....I keep typing underscores). But after 24 hours or so, I'm getting used to it.

    I thought I'd never get used to or like the Treo keyboard, either. There is an adjustment period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post
    Pre's keyboard > Blackberry Curve.
    I respectfully disagree with this. I had the Treo 680 and I thought that that keyboard was good. My wife picked up the BB Curve and it was even better than the 680. I've kind of gotten used to the Pre keyboard but it is a pain, my thumbs constantly hit the bottom lip of the screen. I'm not a huge guy, but do have big hands and I have to say that out of the phones mentioned this is definitely a worse set-up.

    Note--I still dig this thing a lot, and I will put up with this keyboard because the phone is unbelievable.
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    I came from a curve, and while I think I could type a bit faster on the curve, I don't have any problems with the pre's keyboard. Overall, I'm just fine with the keyboard on the pre.
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    I have large fingers. I chopped off my nails and that makes it easier. Much easier then the keyboard on my instinct. About the same as a Blackberry. Just takes a little time to get used to a normal keyboard again.
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    I have said this a few times but coming from a Centro there is miles of room up there.
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    I have medium-large fingers and I find it fairly easy to type on the Pre's keyboard. My previous phones include a BlackBerry Curve, a Sidekick Slide, and a Sidekick 3. And, IMO, while the keyboard can't match that of the Sidekick, I'd say the Pre's keyboard is on par with the Curve's.
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    Dunno...I never saw a problem at all with it. I opened it up and messed with the top row specifically when I read this. I like how the keys are 'sticky' and find it very easy to use.

    Of course I had a blackberry PERL and so this full keyboard is sweet to me. I have been texting people I haven't talked with in forever and playing online with AIM contacts I hardly ever chat with just to play with the phone

    I DO hope that yahoo messenger becomes an option soon!
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