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    I don't agree with that at all. There is almost nothing from the Treo in the iPhone. The Treo is basically a PalmOS PDA with a phone, the iPhone is an iPod with a phone. They can both make phone calls, send email and browse the web but the iPhone is a lousy PDA and the Treo is a lousy MP3 player.

    The Pre OTOH, borrows as much from the iPhone as it does from the Treo, possibly more.
    I agree with your last statement totally but the iPhone threaded text is ver treo-esque.

    I laid my iphone on top of my pre when I went to bed last night and was very disappointed when I awoke this morning.

    I was hoping for some little iPrelets.
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    The OS has a lot of potential so if they can push the updates as fast as they did for iPhone or the Storm and make improvements and add features in major updates like iPhone then it will be interesting.

    That is one thing that is cool about iPhone... besides updates fast which is uncommon for phone industry (that's why MS lost the battle by not taking it seriously and never updating enough)... they also added features as time goes by keeping the phone fresh... even first gen iPhones get the latest if possible until hardware makes it not possible. And forces companies like BB to do updates as fast as possible on the Storm to keep them happy instead of forcing people to buy the next phone to get the improvements.

    I honestly dont think it's an iPhone killer... but wonder if the question should be made against the Storm and say does it DEFINITELY that it kills the Storm and be able to hold off against Storm2?
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    the keyboard is the pre's ball and chain right now....too bad cause the 650's keyboard rocks. This is cramped as f***. I can type faster on the Iphone than any device I've ever had.....and this is the poorest. Too bad cause they outfiness the Iphone on what's been its strength, its interface.
    For lond emails and notes this will never do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    I have an iPhone and an iPod touch.... someone please explain to me what the iPhone does better than this phone....

    copy and paste WOOT!
    well i can think of a couple, first is theglass screen is better, ive had my iphone for 1-1/2 years never had a case ,have dropped it on bathroom floor , wood floors, multiple times, the screen is still as shiny and scratch free as day 1. Another thing is arguable both ways but the virtual keyboard has some good points, like not having to push down a orange button to get additional characters(makes it easier to type with one hand, also dont have to push it out each time u want to type). Bigger screen. Look, they are both good devices, i think apple is going to push for it to be a gaming device, palm is in the cloud doing their thing, some of the software points they will be able to copy off each other, but there is room for both.
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