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    I discovered by accident that if you put them in a root directory called /alarms, the alarm tones become available to the clock via an icon that appears on the lower-left of the ringtones selection screen.
    I checked this out. Yes there is an icon in the alarm selection screen a little note with a + next to it.

    What this does is let you set your alarm to any MP3 you have on your Pre, so it isn't specific to the Alarms directory. The difference is that you wont see your ringtones or any mp3s in the ringtones directory in your music player, but you would see the mp3 Alarms directory in your music player. Which would sucks if you were rocking to some tunes and all of a sudden the Rooster blasts at you.

    The cool thing with the Pre is that ringtones and alarms are just MP3s in your device, if you choose a song for an alarm or ringtone, I believe it just uses the first 30 seconds from the song. So what you were seeing was the "Set Alarm to a MP3 from my music collection"
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    I am confused, I am not seeing this as an option on my Pre. (The little "+") sign that you are referring to.
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    These are great, thanks a ton!
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